Anger Issues

Everyone has lost their temper at some point in time. Feeling angry is a normal way of expressing emotion, as long as it is done in a healthy manner.
Anger Management Counseling and Therapy Online

What are anger issues ?

Typically, the anger we experience can be useful in responding to a threat or feeling assertive. However, expressing this anger need not imply that you are hurting anther individual. But sometimes the anger you experience, whether a slight snappiness or complete rage, is beyond your control and creates problems in all spheres of life. It can be destructive to the relationships you have with different people, your work environment and role, as well as to you.

The issue with anger issues is that they make you act against your own best interests. One tends to give in to anger thereby creating a momentary sense of power (as opposed to feeling valued), over what is making you feel vulnerable (Stosny, 2015). Thus when your anger causes you to behave aggressively or violently, it can lead to numerous problems.

Symptoms of Anger Issues

There are often physical symptoms of anger related problems:

  • Pounding heart and a tightening of the chest
  • Blood pressure increases
  • Headaches
  • Susceptibility to health problems

Other symptoms may involve:

  • Feeling frustrated towards oneself
  • Lack of control
  • Inability to maintain social relations

Types of Anger Issues

There are various types of anger issues that may be seen. These may include chronic anger, being passive aggressive, anger from feeling overwhelmed and perhaps even anger that is self-caused.

Anger that is not allowed any form of expression outwards, can form a dangerous response as it becomes directed inwards. This form may cause issues such as hypertensions, increased blood pressure and other physical issues. It may even lead to problems like depression.

Treatment for Anger Issues

Anger management is a crucial aspect to treating one’s anger issues. It works towards decreasing the physiological arousal that occurs, as well as the emotional distress. The key of this form of therapy is to work on controlling how one reacts to any trigger or stimuli. It may include methods such as cognitive restructuring, problem solving skills, relaxation techniques, improving communication etc.

Counsellors for Anger issues

Anita Eliza
  • Mumbai
  • Anita has been in this field since 2012 and deals with everyday life issues like relationship , anxiety , self esteem , etc.

    Anxiety, Child Psychology, Relationship Issues, Family Issues, Stress, Anger Issues, Dyslexia, Personal Counseling

Rachana Awatramani
  • Mumbai
  • Dr. Rachana Awatramani has done her PhD in Counseling Psychology. 10+ years of experience in the filed, she is also a certified Happiness Life Coach.

    Anxiety, Depression, Relationship Issues, Stress, Anger Issues, Organisational, Personal Counseling

Jumana Rajkotwala
  • Mumbai
  • I have done my MA in Counselling Psychology and am professionally trained in various therapies. I offer assistance to all who wish to address any psychological, emotional or behavioral difficulties

    Anxiety, Depression, Child Psychology, Relationship Issues, Family Issues, Stress, Anger Issues, General

Anupa Mehta
  • Mumbai
  • Anupa Mehta is a Narrative Therapist and an international member of the Australian Counselling Association.

    Anxiety, Depression, Mood Disorder, Stress, Anger Issues, PTSD

Firdosh Qureshi
  • Mumbai
  • I believe in health care that is based on a personal commitment to meet patient needs with compassion and care.

    Addiction, Anxiety, Depression, Relationship Issues, Stress, Anger Issues, Career Counseling, Personal Counseling

Sanjana Meher Yerroju
  • Hyderabad
  • Here to help you overcome a range of life challenges, by working with thoughts, emotions and behavioral patterns. :)

    Anxiety, Depression, Relationship Issues, Mood Disorder, Stress, Anger Issues,Clinical Psychology, Personal Counseling

Supriya Sanjay Kher
  • Mumbai
  • Supriya Kher has done her Clinical Psychology with P.G. DIP,in counseling.Brings over 16 years of experience in counseling adolescents, Men, Women and couples.

    Anxiety, Depression, Relationship Issues, Stress, Anger Issues, General,Clinical Psychology, Personal Counseling

Vijayan P M
  • Thrissur
  • Dr. Vijayan PM is having his masters in Psychology, Business Administration and psychological counseling. He hold his doctorate in Management.

    Addiction, Anxiety, Depression, Relationship Issues, Stress, Grief/Loss, Anger Issues, Personal Counseling

Rita Khear
  • Mumbai
  • Practicing for more than four decades, Rita Khear has been the HOD of Psychology of Motibai Theckersy Institute of Research in the field of mental retardation for seven years.

    Anxiety, Depression, Relationship Issues, Family Issues, Stress, Anger Issues, General,Clinical Psychology

Megha Avinash Jagtap
  • Mumbai
  • Megha sees psychotherapy & counselling as a collaborative process with an objective of providing a safe, trusting, non-judgmental and respectful space.

    Anxiety, Depression, Child Psychology, Relationship Issues, Mood Disorder, OCD/OCPD, Stress, Anger Issues

Trisha Ravishankar Iyer
  • Mumbai
  • I am a behavioral therapist who works mainly with kids and young adults. Helps people navigate through their relationship and personal issues.

    Anxiety, Child Psychology, Relationship Issues, Stress, Anger Issues, Personal Counseling

Priyal Manish Henia
  • Mumbai
  • A clinical psychologist having experience in dealing with anxiety, stress and depression. Personality recognition via analysis of handwriting & drawing.

    Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Anger Issues, Personal Counseling,Personality Development

Sukhmeet K Kalsi
  • Mumbai
  • With two decades of experience, Dr Sukhmeet has been able to help thousands of individuals with their and psychological issues and move on with their lives holistically

    Anxiety, Relationship Issues, Family Issues, Stress, Grief/Loss, Anger Issues, Organisational, Personal Counseling

Rashmi Bagri
  • Mumbai
  • Rashmi Bagri REBT trained, Psychotherapist. Served as a counsellor in a Deaddiction Center, as a School Counsellor and a Mental Health Helpline. Rashmi has been training corporates

    Anxiety, Relationship Issues, Stress, Anger Issues, General, Organisational, Personal Counseling

Shraboni Bhattacharya DSouza
  • Mumbai
  • 'Helping You Heal Yourself'- I am a Relationship and Personal Counsellor. I hold a Ph.D in Psychotherapy and Counselling and I am a Certified Transactional Analysis Practitioner.

    Relationship Issues, Family Issues, Stress, Anger Issues, General, Personal Counseling

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Ms. Nazneen Sirajuddin Shaikh

Arts Based Therapy Practitioner & Counsellor

Experience of working with issues such as ADHD, LD, anger management, delayed developmental milestones, emotional stability and academic difficulties, anxiety and mood disorders.