Child Psychology

The speed at which children develop and grow, often leaves parents asking themselves at each stage- how best to care for my child? This field follows the development of a child from birth to adolescence.
Child Psychologist Counseling Online.

What is Child Psychology ?

Child psychology is an area of psychology that looks at development in children from their social, emotional, physical and cognitive sides. It attempts to understand these changes in terms of biology and the external environment. Child psychologists work towards understanding how a child may think, learn, reason etc. They study their emotional responses, social bonds and aspects related to emotion and personality. Child psychology also deals with assessing and understanding the skills children develop at different ages. A child psychologist will often work with a child based on the milestones that are associated with their age group. They also look at how social and cultural factors play a role in child development.

Types of Child psychology

A child need not be abnormal to see a child psychologist. The psychologist may simply be administering a test, or hearing out a child. They will also often address some of the following issues when working with children:

  • Biological issues associated with developmental milestones
  • Socio-emotional development issues
  • Cognitive development and potential deficits
  • Health related problems.
  • Stress and coping related to developmental change.
  • Dealing with grief, trauma and loss
  • Social environment related issues- such as bullying, peer pressure etc.
  • Behavioural problems
  • Adolescent issues such as addiction, pregnancy etc.
  • Evaluation of intellect
  • Disorder such as depression, anxiety etc.

Treatment for Child psychology

Child psychologists can provide treatment for infants, toddlers, children and teens. They will conduct assessments, suggest and implement interventions, work on preventing certain issues as well, and provide the resources to improve the area being looked at. Child psychologists are also trained to work with children carefully.

While the forms of therapy used may be similar to those used for adults, such as CBT, testing, talking etc., children may also get fatigued more easily, Therefore, a psychologist may employ games, pictures and other activities in order to engage the child. They work towards resolving any issues the child may face and work closely with the child’s caregivers to do so.

Counsellors for Child Psychology

Anu Ramesh
  • Mumbai
  • When you feel like no one understands you, I can hear your voice. There is never a reason to feel alone in this world. Reach out. Be heard.#expressyourself

    Anxiety, Depression, Child Psychology, Relationship Issues, Maternal/Postpartum, Grief/Loss, General

Jumana Rajkotwala
  • Mumbai
  • I have done my MA in Counselling Psychology and am professionally trained in various therapies. I offer assistance to all who wish to address any psychological, emotional or behavioral difficulties

    Anxiety, Depression, Child Psychology, Relationship Issues, Family Issues, Stress, Anger Issues, General

Komal Chelani
  • Gujarat
  • I believe in empowering and supporting people through compassion and empathy & I practice the same in my therapy. I provide a safe and comfortable space to share and to be yourself.

    Anxiety, Depression, Child Psychology, Family Issues, Stress, Grief/Loss, Panic Attacks, PTSD

Nisha Roy
  • Jaipur
  • I am a professional Counselor (CBT Certified), Behaviour Therapist, Special Educator and a Motivational Speaker with an experience of 10 yrs.

    Anxiety, Depression, Child Psychology, Relationship Issues, Mood Disorder, Anger Issues,Clinical Psychology, Personal Counseling

Vennila Mary
  • Chennai
  • Vennila Mary has 7 years of experience as a highly motivated, empathetic, dedicated, and solution-oriented Mental Health Professional with expertise in effective counselling skills.

    Anxiety, Depression, Child Psychology, Family Issues, Mood Disorder, Stress, Anger Issues, Personal Counseling

Trisha Ravishankar Iyer
  • Mumbai
  • I am a behavioral therapist who works mainly with kids and young adults. Helps people navigate through their relationship and personal issues.

    Anxiety, Child Psychology, Relationship Issues, Stress, Anger Issues, Personal Counseling

Samina Simaab Sen
  • Mumbai
  • With over a decade of experience dealing with parenting, child, teenager, adult, couple and geriatric issues Ms.Samina Sen has reached out and helped many clients across the globe.

    Anxiety, Depression, Child Psychology, Relationship Issues, Family Issues, Stress, General, Personal Counseling

Nazneen Sirajuddin Shaikh
  • Mumbai
  • Experience of working with issues such as ADHD, LD, anger management, delayed developmental milestones, emotional stability and academic difficulties, anxiety and mood disorders.

    Addiction, Anxiety, Depression, Child Psychology, Relationship Issues, Mood Disorder,Clinical Psychology, Personal Counseling

Archana Krishnan
  • Chennai
  • Everyone has the right to live happily. As a mental health professional, I empower my clients with tools that will help them to change their decisions in life and thus live a happy future

    Anxiety, Depression, Child Psychology, Relationship Issues, Mood Disorder, Stress, Anger Issues, Personal Counseling

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Ms. Simran Parekh

Counselling Psychologist

I work with my clients to help them find a calmer and more structured self. My greatest asset as a therapist is that I am good listener. Each client is unique,and I use various therapies to help them gain insight