Child Psychology

The speed at which children develop and grow, often leaves parents asking themselves at each stage- how best to care for my child? This field follows the development of a child from birth to adolescence.

What is Child Psychology ?

Child psychology is an area of psychology that looks at development in children from their social, emotional, physical and cognitive sides. It attempts to understand these changes in terms of biology and the external environment. Child psychologists work towards understanding how a child may think, learn, reason etc. They study their emotional responses, social bonds and aspects related to emotion and personality. Child psychology also deals with assessing and understanding the skills children develop at different ages. A child psychologist will often work with a child based on the milestones that are associated with their age group. They also look at how social and cultural factors play a role in child development.

Types of Child psychology

A child need not be abnormal to see a child psychologist. The psychologist may simply be administering a test, or hearing out a child. They will also often address some of the following issues when working with children:

  • Biological issues associated with developmental milestones
  • Socio-emotional development issues
  • Cognitive development and potential deficits
  • Health related problems.
  • Stress and coping related to developmental change.
  • Dealing with grief, trauma and loss
  • Social environment related issues- such as bullying, peer pressure etc.
  • Behavioural problems
  • Adolescent issues such as addiction, pregnancy etc.
  • Evaluation of intellect
  • Disorder such as depression, anxiety etc.

Treatment for Child psychology

Child psychologists can provide treatment for infants, toddlers, children and teens. They will conduct assessments, suggest and implement interventions, work on preventing certain issues as well, and provide the resources to improve the area being looked at. Child psychologists are also trained to work with children carefully.

While the forms of therapy used may be similar to those used for adults, such as CBT, testing, talking etc., children may also get fatigued more easily, Therefore, a psychologist may employ games, pictures and other activities in order to engage the child. They work towards resolving any issues the child may face and work closely with the child’s caregivers to do so.

Counsellors for Child Psychology

Jumana Rajkotwala
  • Ms. Jumana Rajkotwala

  • Personal Counselling
  • Mumbai
  • I have been professionally trained in Counselling and offer my assistance to all who wish or need to address any psychological, emotional or behavioural disturbance to help them live

    Anxiety, Depression, Child Psychology, Relationship Issues, Family Issues, Stress, Anger Issues, General

Smita Akale
  • Dr. Smita Akale

  • Psychotherapy & Counselling
  • Mumbai
  • We all have the natural ability to overcome adversity. My goal is to empower you in finding your own strengths & developing additional tools that allow you to experience fulfillment in your life.

    Anxiety, ADHD/ADD, Depression, Child Psychology, Relationship Issues, Stress, Grief/Loss, Anger Issues

Bela Raja
  • Mrs. Bela Raja

  • Senior Counsellor
  • Mumbai
  • If you are dealing with learning related and associated issues or if you are concerned that your children may have learning issues, please get in touch so you receive help.

    Anxiety, ADHD/ADD, Child Psychology, Stress, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dyspraxia, Dysgraphia

Trupti Rankhamb
  • Mrs. Trupti Rankhamb

  • B.Arch, Analyst, Counsellor
  • Mumbai
  • A life coach, with extensive experience in helping people nurture and develop healthy relationship. She guides you to develop your Thinking/Learning Style & Decision Making abilities using DMIA & REBT

    Anxiety, Depression, Child Psychology, Relationship Issues, Stress, Anger Issues, General

Nisha Kothari Akula
  • Mrs. Nisha Kothari Akula

  • Child psychologist and Counselor
  • Mumbai
  • Holding a Masters in Child Psychology from Nottingham Trent University (United Kingdom), she has 5 years experience of resolving issues faced by children and adults.

    Anxiety, ADHD/ADD, Child Psychology, Relationship Issues, Stress, Anger Issues, Career Counseling, Organisational

Karishma Mascarenhas
  • Ms. Karishma Mascarenhas

  • M.A(Psychology)
  • Mumbai
  • I am a trained and licensed Counselling Psychologist and Therapist. I help my clients navigate hurdles, get clarity and build a rational thought process to move ahead in life.

    Anxiety, Child Psychology, Relationship Issues, Maternal/Postpartum, Stress, Anger Issues, General, Organisational

Prashakha Solanki
  • Ms. Prashakha Solanki

  • Certified Counsellor
  • Kolkata
  • Mental health matters. People matter. YOU matter. Don't fight your battle alone. REACH OUT!

    Anxiety, Depression, Child Psychology, Relationship Issues, OCD/OCPD, Stress, Anger Issues, Panic Attacks

Anu Ramesh
  • Mrs. Anu Ramesh

  • Counseling
  • Mumbai
  • When you feel like no one understands you, I can hear your voice

    Anxiety, Depression, Child Psychology, Relationship Issues, Maternal/Postpartum, Grief/Loss, General

Kanika Gupta
  • Ms. Kanika Gupta

  • Counselling Psychologist
  • Mumbai
  • As a THERAPIST i am here to HEAR you fully with HONESTY and NON JUDGEMENT and help you realise your own POTENTIAL to see things with FRESH EYES and with a BEGINNERS MIND.

    Anxiety, Child Psychology, Relationship Issues, Mood Disorder, Stress, Panic Attacks, General, Organisational

Moushumi Gupte
  • Mrs. Moushumi Gupte

  • Counselling
  • Mumbai
  • Hello.. Being an experienced and trained counselor,I wish to help you explore the feelings and emotions that seem difficult/stressful for you & also enable you to cope up with challenges in your everyday life

    Anxiety, Depression, Child Psychology, Stress, Anger Issues, General, Organisational

Ripan Sippy
  • Mr. Ripan Sippy

  • Clinical Psychologist & Special Educator
  • Delhi
  • I have a Bachelor's degree in Mental Retardation from NIMH and I have worked extensively as a clinical psychologist and special educator

    Anxiety, ADHD/ADD, Child Psychology, General

Renu Paul
  • Dr. Renu Paul

  • Counseling
  • Kanpur
  • I am adept at doing Brain profiles affiliated to NEETHLING BRAIN INSTRUMENT. I specialise in counselling children,teenagers and adults

    Child Psychology, Family Issues, General, Career Counseling, Organisational

Sujata Sharma
  • Ms. Sujata Sharma

  • Consultant Clinical Psychologist
  • Delhi

    Child Psychology, Mood Disorder, Stress, Anger Issues, Chronic Illness, General, Organisational

Mariella Zanoletti
  • Ms. Mariella Zanoletti

  • Psychotherapist and Counsellor
  • Gurgaon
  • I specialise in the field of Systemic Family and Couple Therapy,Integrative Counselling and Meditation

    Anxiety, Child Psychology, Relationship Issues, Family Issues, Mood Disorder, Organisational

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Ms. Karishma Mascarenhas


I am a trained and licensed Counselling Psychologist and Therapist. I help my clients navigate hurdles, get clarity and build a rational thought process to move ahead in life.