Personal Counselling

Most people may experience some kind of emotional turmoil that requires assistance to cope with. Personal problems may occur, which affect individuals’ performances in different aspects of their lives, create stress or confusion, or even result in other deeper problems.

What is personal counselling ?

Many people seek counselling for personal problems they face in their daily lives, or issues that significantly disrupt their daily pattern. Personal counselling is a process by which individuals can learn to increase life satisfaction, create the right attitude and become more self-aware. This leads to self-discovery in numerous areas as the issues dealt with also occur over a vast spectrum. Personal counselling differs from the conversations you might have with a friend over coffee; it is time that is used to solely focus on issues you deem important to you. Anyone, in any stage of life, can seek personal counselling.

Types of Personal Counselling

Personal counselors work with a large number of issues. Common problems faced include different types of relationship difficulties- family, friends, partners; inability to cope with change or life circumstances; physical or psychological abuse; identity issues; depression, anxiety, stress etc. Feelings such as loneliness, sadness or iIrritability may also disrupt aspects of one’s life.

They also work with culture related issues, sexuality, shame, body image issues and eating disorders. Often people may also face challenges in thinking patterns, perception, defining problems or self-worth or self-esteem.

Individuals may also wish to discuss issues related to their career or educational goals. They may face trouble in changing the way they function or understand things as well.

Treatment for Personal Counselling

People may seek out counselors who provide this service and discuss their problems with them. A counsellor then helps guide them through ways in which they can change their situation, or cope with the problem. Personal counselling looks at one’s relationships, activities and behaviours and attempts to resolve them through feedback, support and a change in perspective. This may be possible as the counsellor acts as a third that, not personally involved in the matter. This type of counselling may help individuals become more capable problem solvers, allowing them to cope with similar issues in the future. One may be able to then identify one’s own patterns and work towards bringing change to them as necessary. The individual receives a confidential and constructive manner in which they may deal with situations, they feel are beyond their abilities. Thus personal counselling can help improve one’s confidence, problem solving skills, and overall psychological, cognitive, physical and spiritual health.

Counsellors for Personal Counseling

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Mrs. Nisha Kothari Akula

Child psychologist and Counselor

Holding a Masters in Child Psychology from Nottingham Trent University (United Kingdom), she has 5 years experience of resolving issues faced by children and adults.