Sexuality Issues

Sexuality refers to an individual’s preferences and tendencies with respect to their sexual behavior and inclinations. These can vary across a vast spectrum catering to many desires. However, people may at times experience confusion associated with certain aspects of their sexuality.

What are Sexuality Issues ?

First, what is sexuality? It is a complex and deeply personal concept and revolves around more than just the activity of sex. It is also different form one’s sex, which is based on physical anatomy at birth, and gender which is what one identifies as. A person may choose to include things such as their image, gender, orientation, intimate behaviours, values, choices etc., within their concept of sexuality. However, they may also experience distress regarding some of these aspects and give rise to different issues.

Here, sex therapists or counsellors play an important role. They are trained to provide individuals assistance with working through the issues they face and even simply answering questions or doubts one may have.

Culture also plays a role in sexuality and sexuality issues. As one’s sexuality is likely to be largely influenced by the culture they are in, a number of aspects are guided based on culture. However, a culture’s norms may not align with what an internally defines as their sexuality and this may create problems.

Types of Sexuality Issues

People may experience sexuality related issues for a number of reasons. They may be physical, psychological, emotional or even social and situational. These issues may even result as a combination of these factors.

Individuals may experience problems related to

  • Confusion about one’s feelings
  • Being unsure about love or even whom they are sexually attracted to
  • Fear of society, family and friends regarding one’s sexuality (orientation, choices,etc.)
  • Fears or problems related to performance (e.g., erectile dysfunction, premature or delayed ejaculation etc.)
  • Fears or issues related to actual intercourse (e.g, sex may be extremely painful)
  • Loss of desire
  • Lack of confidence, self-esteem etc.

Treatment for Sexuality Issues

Treatment for sexuality issues can be undertaken with a sex therapist. Therapy may involve a combination of talk therapy, counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy, treatment of physical conditions etc. This form of therapy however, does not, involve any form of sexual activity with a therapist! Other forms of therapy include psychosexual therapy, where a counsellor and the individual explore underlying reasons for any issues, such as cultural norms creating taboo, sexuality myths, ideas about normality as per one’s close relations etc. It allows a person to take a new look at their assumptions and beliefs, and work on developing healthier behavior.

Counsellors for Sexuality issues

Alafiya Sogiawala
  • Mumbai
  • Dr.Alafiya is a Certified Personal counselor & Sex educator.She helps people deal & cope with various issues in their day to day lives.Also a practising Cosmetologist & Trichologist.

    Relationship Issues, Family Issues, Sexuality Issues, General, Organisational

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Ms. Nazneen Sirajuddin Shaikh

Arts Based Therapy Practitioner & Counsellor

A Clinical Psychologist practicing since 2018. I have experience working with teenagers, young adults on issues like self esteem, career guidance, relationship management, a