A holistic Yoga

I was teaching yoga and joined the course to learn more about it. I wanted to understand the basics and also get clear the concepts in yoga. yoga isn’t just a part but a way of living. The course started with lectures about yoga. There were different classes to help get a clear understanding of yoga. To me it was different and good learning. Throughout the course teachers help you understand and any doubt is cleared well by them. Every day I used to wait for the class to begin and was excited to learn something new.

the health camps are each designed for learning.  As the course moves on you learn so much about each type of health condition and the asana suited for it.

There is topic of the month which is discussed in detail to help understand history background and concepts in yoga. The class being on Saturday is an important class to attend. The teacher teaches well and helps you get better understanding.

As your course comes to completion the 7 days health camp is to be done. The camp is an all day for a week. There are talks, asanas and concepts so well discussed, it refreshes all the months work. The camp case studies help you to learn about people in general and to help them understand yoga. The 21 days camp is an early morning-evening camp. This camp has teachers to teach the campers. By this camp the students are now teachers and teach the various campers. The camp is the most important learning experience and must be done with complete participation and zest. The learning is simply superb! The course has been a wonderful learning experience and I hope to help people understand about yoga. it has complimented counselling to enrich it!

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