Appreciating small things at the times of adversity

We all are experiencing tough times now when options are less, and we need to think of managing to the best with the limited resources we have. Though times are hard, but I was rather intrigued by how most of the people including me have started appreciating the beauty of small things, some of which are abundant in nature itself.
For example, how many times have you stopped and appreciated the beauty of tress around your house. I was really thrilled to see some pictures which were sent by my family of tress just opposite the house. It almost looked that the trees you find in Japan during cherry blossom.
I was reading a post where someone had shared about a cuckoo bird chirping outside her flat. She had not noticed it as she was so busy with her daily busy life. But now she got a chance to notice it, appreciate it and post it. Similar stories could be seen where I saw some bright and new innovations like trains coaches could be used as quarantine facilities in India. It seemed a brilliant idea and yes ‘Necessity is indeed a mother of invention’.
I had not realized the importance of a simple walk and to breathe fresh air outside my house so much as it was always a daily ritual and one of the many options in my bucket list for the day. I had been introspecting about it for a while and thought so could it because we have so many options in life otherwise that we forget to stop and appreciate the beauty of small joys around us. It could also be sometimes our busy lives don’t allow us to see such things. So can we learn something from this, well for me the biggest learning has been that when we have less options we manage to see those things what we have never noticed. We get time to revive our hobbies, for someone who hasn’t read books for a long time will rush to read. For someone who has never mediated or got time to do so will do it. Depends on what you have been wanting to do for a long time and yes sometimes all of us need to stop, observe, appreciate and introspect deep within to be a better human being!

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