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We have often heard of these two terms but do we all know how much impact they can have into our lives. Research has shown how gratitude alters the structure of the brain. Its proven that people who count their blessings are more happier and feel less depressed. We have… Continue reading

A holistic Yoga

I was teaching yoga and joined the course to learn more about it. I wanted to understand the basics and also get clear the concepts in yoga. yoga isn’t just a part but a way of living. The course started with lectures about yoga. There were different classes to help… Continue reading

Online Counselling What is it

It has many names … e-therapy, video therapy, e-counseling or cyber-counseling, are all recent developments in mental health in which a psychologist provides psychological advice and therapy over the Internet. It is normally done over video or chat or email. Online counselling is real-time, such as in phone conversations, on… Continue reading