Child Safety

India’s first official effort at child proofing focused on child safety. schools must committed to safety and  make it top priority. school education must prevent accidental injuries to children and  ensure child safety a all times.
the need for child safety is felt more than ever. We must train  teachers and provide safety service to schools. safety standards must be on par with global research and practices. we recommend that all schools should be certified.

the school is the place where a child gets to be. he is there to study and play. friends who meet everyday are there to cherish and play. each member of the school has to add on. they are there to make kids happy and smile. when the child is in school he has to think about his studies and friends. nothing else must be on his mind. worry not at all!. the child must come to school with aim to study and make most of the resources at school. if he has to fear safety then whats a school! if the child has to be suspicious of faculty, staff, admin how will he be. the stress and pressure will eventually drive the child and subject it to counselling. whats the child’s fault?

many schools have sprung like coffee shops. with the investment  returns are focus. the staff in some schools will creep elders. how will the child put up! schools must have a background check of candidates. how do they hire people who seem creepy or give out the vibe, if the school cannot gauge how will they ensure children are safe. the basic ability of man is to gauge vibes. when you are at a  place the vibes reach you . that’s how you behave and respond. how can schools not notice when they recruit? many parents also feel the vibes of the staff and confide in each other. they are scared to bring up the matter  and then incidents happen.

i have been told by many parents that they don’t find some school premises or staff to be safe but can do little about it. i wonder how can schools recruit? don’t they get the vibes themselves or profit has become important than child safety. i am shocked to read articles! i wonder what parents must be going through. as an educator never have i thought on the issue. for me teaching and complete understanding of the taught by learners is focus in class. where does one have time for rubbish! that’s the word i use. If one works as an educator and keeps that as focus one will  use spare time to plan, assess and evaluate to enrich work. how do such incidences happen! if each member in the school keeps his duty and place of work in mind he wont have time for any other thing. there has to be the some environment and mindset in the school that shocking incidents take place. there is a loophole in the school. this cannot be dismissed! the school cannot say they weren’t aware or responsible. many a times school support the culprits rubbish to keep their brand and name. are parents paying high fees for this! in many cases parents have to struggle to report the incidence and then face school backlash! what have schools come to. as an educator this shocks me! i have time to plan, assess, evaluate and enrich my work. after that all my time is for rest and leisure. how can criminal mindset creep in to the workers at school.

in support of the parents, the staff must be reminded that its the fees paid by the parents that is salary to them. keep it blunt but for better. the staff must be made to realize that their homes run from the fees that the parent pays and they cannot take the child for a ride. sick and disgusted by some of the incidents!

i was interviewed by a well known school. i wasn’t informed that a former faculty member at the school was arrested by police for harassment. how schools cover up! as a female faculty it is my right to ensure my safety by correct information. it was later that i was informed from a personal source about it. the school had no talk and information given to me. how unsafe is that! imagine a poor child. how will he defend himself and is this a school! parents are also cool. they continue enrollment without much clarification and so do faculty continue working like as if incidences are a daily part of their lives. it could be in case of some that’s how they bring their rubbish mentality in school and conduct incidences. in most cases it has been a member of the school.

Sadly i  sum up saying that little can be done than let the conscious of each person rise to realization that they work in a school and child is a blessing. if we wake up with a pure mind that purity will seep into the school. as an educator my day starts with grace and it is the same grace that i bring to school- my learners. but i wonder do all?

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