Correctly understanding the frequent anxiety episodes you’re getting


Anxiety related complaints are one of the most common complaints of people who’ve done sessions with online counsellors. It is understandable, because more and more our lives are becoming complex and there is simply more reasons to worry about.

1 of every 4 people in India faces anxiety problems. Approximately 25% of Indian population is affected by anxiety disorder. If the first stage of anxiety is not properly treated, it could lead to a serious depression that could be difficult to handle in later stages.

Each one of us experiences some episodes of mental illness around such like the weepy spouse, the irritated colleague, the cleanliness obsessed in laws or the speeding driver full of road rage. These are some common place examples which occur in our day to day lives and we accept these as being normal.

It is very common for everyone to feel anxious while taking a test or while dealing with a problem situation or when it comes to an important decision having to be made.

People often blame on competitiveness, increasing drive for money, overcrowding in cities that are leading to stress. It is claimed that being stressed out for long can be a cause of anxiety problems.

We’ve also seen common examples of senior citizens craving attention so much or feeling so lonely that they demand getting hospitalized for even a common cold.

When stress levels continue to stay high, there are some stress hormones that get released and respond by boosting up general anxiety feelings. Rising incidences of anxiety are due to irritability, insomnia, impulsivity, isolation, etc. Gap between what people want and what a person is capable of doing results in anxiety.

While all these are common-place and day to day experiences for most of us, at times some of these tend to turn into bigger issues. When such anxiety situations persist for a long time, then it could develop into other mental-illness complications which can be more serious.

Anxiety disorder consists of several different conditions like:

Panic Disorder
During a panic attack a person is likely to get sweat, chest pain, palpitations. It may feel like getting choked or having a stroke.

Social anxiety disorder
This is also known as social phobia. In social phobia one has an over whelming worry and self-consciousness about social situations. Also one tThe common symptoms of anxiety disorders are:ends to fixate others are judging or being embarrassed or ridiculed in social phobia disorder.

General phobias
Some common phobias are fear of heights.

Generalized anxiety
One may worry unrealistically for little or no reason.

The common symptoms of anxiety disorders are:

• Nausea
• Trouble in sleeping
• Restlessness
• Heart palpitations
• Dry mouth
• Dizziness
• Shortness of breath
• Numbness, sweaty, cold hands and feet
• Muscles feels tensed

In case of any symptoms of anxiety disorders, mental health professionals such as psychologists and counsellors normally examine and also ask for the patient’s previous medical history. Doctors ask the patients for certain tests in order to rule out the other medical illnesses that have some common symptoms. There are no lab tests to diagnose anxiety disorders.

What is social anxiety disorder?

Everyone faces feelings of shyness or discomfort in certain situations this cannot be accounted for social anxiety disorder especially in children. Each person’s comfort level in social situations differs that largely depends on a person’s personality and traits. Some people are reserved while others are very outgoing.

Children often show anxiety while interacting with adults or peer by crying, throwing temper tantrums or clinging to parents and refusing to speak in public. Performance type of social anxiety occurs when there is immense fear and anxiety while speaking or performing in public and not in any other king of social situations. Social anxiety situations also flare up in case of lot of stress or demands.

When should one go for a therapist or a counsellor?

By not going to a counsellor for a proper treatment one’s anxiety problem can persist for a longer time. One must go for counselling in case of constant fear, worry, panic or wanting to avoid a normal social situation due to embarrassment. This type of anxiety may disturb one’s life causing worry and severe stress affecting one’s daily activities. These conditions require a proper treatment to get better.

With ever increasing stress levels in our day to day life we are always in need for emotional and psychological support to resolve crisis in our lives. Therappo is online counselling India website that offer’s innovative and quick solution to our life problems. Online counselling over the internet is an innovative aspect of today’s modern life which has increasingly become a reality.

For online counselling in India one can go for Therappo’s live video chat session. Some benefits of live video chat sessions are that the patient can access their therapist anytime, anywhere, whether they are travelling, at office or at home. Today’s busy and demanding lifestyle also makes it difficult to find time during business hours for physically meeting the counsellor. Therappo brings online counselling sessions in India which makes it convenient for anyone to book therapy sessions even after the business hours.

Along with online counselling sessions one can also try these tips at home for anxiety related problems:

• Some mood altering foods such as caffeine, colas, energy drinks, and chocolates make symptoms of anxiety disorders worse. These should be cut down.

• Eating healthy food, exercising, jogging, brisk walking, biking, etc. can help to release chemical in the brain that cuts stress and can improve the mood.

• Good rest is a must. Very often people suffering from anxiety disorders have a troubled sleep. One must follow a relaxing bedtime routine.

• Some herbal medicines contain chemicals that make anxiety symptoms worse. Doctors should be consulted before the use of such medicines.

Anxiety problems are very common today. The problem is stress. The symptoms of anxiety do not appear as extreme lethargy or sadness. See the link where Kapil Sharma who hosts The Kapil Sharma Show on Sony  has said about him suffering from anxiety and weakness in Times Of India .

At Therappo there are a group of health counsellors who ask questions using tools and techniques to find out whether one is suffering from an anxiety disorder. They even go to the extent of considering the length, the intensity of the problem and how these problems are affecting the patient from carrying out any normal activity. Counselling involves an emotional response to mental disorders or illnesses. Counsellors can even recognize and change thought patterns that trigger deep anxiety or panic.

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