When an individual ingests a substance whose continuation become compulsive and cannot easily stop using it, this condition is referred to an addiction. Addiction can have a negative impact on one’s health, relationships and work. Many times an addicted person’s behavior is out of control causing problems for themselves as well as for others.

Denial in drug addiction

An addict is someone who is addicted to escaping reality, and not to drugs or alcohol.

It is really painful when you see your loved one suffering. While addicts themselves may not know how to handle their path to recovery, you can play a very important and crucial role in helping the affected person to safety and a new life.

Most of the addictive habits tend to become severe and unhealthy – it is only in this stages that it starts interfering with normal life. Addicted individuals ignore the advice given to them by their friends, family, and colleagues and often resort to giving excuses to justify their addictive habits.

Tips to approach an individual who is denying his addiction

• Speak about the negative effects that have impacted in areas such as career, health, family, relationships, etc.

• One must not take denial of an addicted individual personally as denial is one of the symptoms of addiction.

• There may be canceled plans or broken promises due to addiction. While speaking to your loved ones one should be specific about the incidents that they are able to remember these forgotten commitments.

• There are instances where an addicted individual is not open to help. In such cases also it is important to keep in touch with your loved ones as there can be chances of recovery anytime in future.

• It is not advisable to approach a loved one when they are in an inebriated state. It is better to talk or express concern in a caring and an honest way anytime when an addicted person is having a clear head and is not in a hangover state.

Show your loved ones that you care even in their hardest of times. An addicted individual may not be able to overcome his habits immediately; however, it may help them to better understand and accept their problems.
At times when relationships, health, job, career, etc. seem to be at risk, an addict may become more adamant about using narcotics. Sometimes they are not able to visualize life without using such drugs. An addict feels it easier to pretend that no one knows about his addiction and keep on numbing their pains.

Recovering from an addiction can take a long time so its better if you are mentally prepared for this. Many times addicts are reluctant to go for treatments as they feel it difficult to give time in undergoing a treatment. Addicts assume that their addiction would simply go away and ignore problems caused due to addiction.

It is important for an addict to admit that they are addicted or else they cannot get well. One cannot simply overcome an addiction by ignoring it. It has to be dealt with. One should offer help and support to an addict, however, it is up to an addict to choose and accept help.

The first step towards overcoming drug addiction is to accept and admit to the situation that one is addicted. Each drug has its own different negative consequences on one’s health. Drug addiction is caused due to chemical imbalances induced by the drugs. These, in turn, starts affecting normal life such as poor work performance, isolation, depression, and aggression.

These are a few ways that can help one to recover from an addiction

Seek Treatment
A combination of medications and behavioral therapy can be recommended in order to overcome a drug addiction. There are problems like numb painful emotions, pacifying oneself after an argument, recalling negative thoughts or feelings, de-stressing after a bad day. These are some underlying issues that should be resolved first for a successful treatment.

Learn new habits
To keep a track of your addiction, keep a track on its usage. Past attempts, recovery, setting measurable goals, asking for support, reminding oneself the reasons for change can help to recover from an addiction.

Commitment and follow-ups
If an addict is having a history of longer drug usage, a prolonged treatment would be required. In such a case the drug impact is more intense and long-term follow up care is necessary.

Build positive social network
Try finding a friend, joining networks, attending events that will help to overcome drug addiction. For effective care of an abused or an addict to avert its denial and relapse help from social support networks are necessary. Shared experiences and spending quality time with people that understand what addicts are going through can resort to healings.

Counselling plays an important role in the rehabilitation of addition. While treatment & medication have their own benefits, the role of counselling is to keep the patient and his family motivated in continuing with the course to a complete rehabilitation. Counselling can be found in many of the local rehabilitation centers, however, it is recommended that one gets counselling from experienced and qualified counsellors. If one isn’t able to find a good local counsellor who is qualified in this, then online counselling is a great choice for most people. Online counselling allows you to get the same counselling exposure from qualified and experienced professionals from home without having to travel anywhere.

Therappo has online counselling sessions that can help you to speak about your situation and finding an apt solution that best suits you in case you or your loved one is looking out for help to overcome a drug addiction. Therappo’s online counselling is an effective way to overcome addiction as they emphasize on addressing the cause that has led to drug addiction and focuses on developing new ways of living.

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