Education plays an indivisible role in our lives. It helps us grow, develop and transform to better beings.  the quality of education each individual gets should be same. quality education should be a right and not a privilege. I find myself fortunate enough to get an opportunity of working as a teacher. It is an IB school inspired to develop leadership potential of India’s brightest young minds. my posts will share experiences/ experiments in education  which develop as a teacher.

my first experience was as a Homeroom Teacher. it was with JBCN a wonderful school in south Mumbai. it caters to learner and needs. the school is beautifully located and sprawls in a playground, swimming pool, cafeteria, etc. As an HRt the school was warm and loving and taught me a lot in formidable years as a teacher. a student A (name withheld) was a hyperactive child certified by counsellor. to handle him was a task. With care and help from Dr Z Marker the child improved. working in TAL environment I learnt modern education ways. projector, laptop, ipad, computers with education. occasions and days were celebrated as a team. we had a wonderful team and mentors. as the school grew it became known. today the school proudly stands and is growing rapidly. blessed am I to mentor the school with wonderful learning

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