It can be very painful and overwhelming to lose someone or something that we love. Some common emotions like sadness, anger, guilt are natural reactions to an important loss. Each person reacts differently to grief. To react with grief is an important and healthy part of the healing process.

An individual’s emotional, physical, social and spiritual aspects are affected due to grief. Grief manifests differently in every person depending on a person’s personality, values, culture and religious beliefs.

Online counselling experts on Therappo conduct one-on-one live video chat sessions; helping grieving people deal with it effectively by promoting a healthy healing process. Counselling helps an individual understand and effectively work through the process of “getting over” their feelings of loss. If you are experiencing any sort of grief and loss, some support is required in such a scenario- Therappo’s counselling can help. Try it out today.

Grief can occur for a multitude of reasons such as divorce, loss of a loved one, loss of a job or friendship, huge monetary loss, an accident or even a heartbreak. The more significant the loss, the more grief there may be. Many times there are changes in life like a big move, job change or retirement which can also cause a sense of loss in people. Counselling helps in giving an effective, long-term emotional response to such feelings.

Let us see some common symptoms of grief:

1. Shock and disbelief
Individuals are in a state of shock and disbelief immediately after a loss or a trauma. They may have trouble believing what has happened. In some cases, if the grief was too deep, it even makes people deny an event.

2. Deep sadness
The most common symptom in the event of an important loss, is sadness. One may feel a kind of loneliness, emptiness, despair or yearning. While these feelings are normal and not necessarily unhealthy, they need to be dealt with. Without tackling them, they tend to snowball in our minds and manifest into other more serious mental issues.

3. Guilt
Sometimes there are things that are unsaid, or work that is un-done for which a person may carry regrets or guilt. One feels regret when they are unable do something to prevent a particular situation, which caused grief in the first place.

4. Anger
Feelings of injustice often make one feel angry and resentful. In such cases, an individual blames someone or something else for the injustice- oneself, another person or God. Excess anger affects relationships, career, mental and physical health. Forgiveness and anger management helps one remain in control of such anger related grief.

Tips to manage grief

“Time is the best healer,” they say. With time, severe emotions become less intense as one begins to accept the original cause. It is important that grief should not remain on the forefront of one’s mind, though in most cases it may not go away completely. And even after a couple of weeks have passed and one still feels that life is not moving forward, a grief counsellor should be consulted.

1. Seek support
One should not grieve alone, and instead, seek support from family, friends, relatives, etc. Sharing experiences of grief or loss makes the burden easier to carry. It is possible to find support networks around us that can help with things like new responsibilities, mournings, funeral arrangements, etc.

2. Good self-care
There can be negative effects of stress on one’s immune system. Good physical and emotional care is essential. Proper management of grief requires good mental and physical health as both of them are interconnected. A few complications that may arise due to unresolved grief can be depression, anxiety, or prolonged health problems.

One can work on resolving grief problems in the following ways:
– Expressing feelings in creative ways like painting, writing a scrapbook or involving oneself in a cause, can help to move through grief sooner and easier.
– Good diet, sleep and exercise, help in lowering fatigue and stress caused in the grieving process.

Accept and understand grief. It is normal.
A therapeutic future plan can make sure of a constructive outlet for grief.

Therappo’s online counselling helps in promoting a healthy healing process. The more one’s grief is understood and steps are taken actively, healing becomes more effective and faster. At Therappo there is a team of counsellors who provide dedicated support and online counselling services to individuals and families. Think about your deepest sadness and seek help from our counsellors today.

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