Counselling is a professional exchange concentrating on solving problems or issues in personal or professional life thereby increasing self-awareness and mental, emotional and relational well-being resulting in self realization. One wonders if counselling or therapy is worth the energy, time, money and effort.

So, Why? Because…

Studies show that between 30-50% of grownups go through deep emotional difficulty some time or the other in their life and the actual number is probably higher. We also know that most don’t know how to deal with a difficult situation resulting in frustration, anguish, angst and even clinical depression. One in four adults will experience a mental illness in their lifetime. We all need someone to talk to, to get advice, know what and how we think is ok, to maybe find a solution or at least work towards the solution and many benefit from a compassionate, empathetic and caring support of a trained counsellor.

It is seen that with therapy there is a decrease in negative emotions and an increase in overall quality of life, positivity leading into better ability in dealing with stress, issues, problems and tough situations.

Even after the therapy is over, the clients continue to improve and flourish in life there is a decrease in negative symptoms, in addition counselling also helps one understand the underlying deep issues and by helping you delve and reach the core, sort them out and aiding you in making decisions in your life in the future leading to healing, growth, and overall positive change and well being.

Whereas as popping a pill seems like an easier and quicker option to get over even any mental issue in this fast paced age and get on with it ,many medicines have very unpleasant side effects and prolonged use may produce negative physical consequences. Through counselling , you can do something good not only for your body whilst avoiding the physical side effects but also for your mind and soul, as ultimate goal of counselling is self actualization leading to a happier and a contented life.

Counselling may be a bit stressful at the clinic but the same can be done from your comfort zone (home or office) etc. Experts can now be available at a few clicks to help you resolve your mental health issues through one on one video counselling at Therappo.

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