How to raise kids

Kids! And your life changes. Work, be home, look after them, nurture, raise and enrich. Effort is made to give them a good life and help them live better. How do working parents manage? Give time to work give time to children. Nowadays professionals are to do their work in best quality. At home children are to be raised at best! Can a human achieve both. Well try to as that’s the best possible thig to do. Try your best and you will be able to achieve.

Action-words: Actions speak a thousand words. Your actions affect your home. The way you behave is what you are.  Be attentive to your actions. Karma is what you get. Keep it expectation free and without attachment. This action will yield positive results and always be the best form as aim is to work best without prejudice. Admit mistake and accept faults. You will grow and become better. Things will work for better. When we act who we are and work accordingly nature blesses us with the best and we succeed. To continue being yourself is the prize! Action should also be for self-care and development. You are the one who will look after yourself! Words matter. Rightly what you say and do matters. You must act as per talk. You have to practice and preach the same. Keep a positive act. Be happy and make the environment around better to development. Contribute and enrich society. Behave honestly and let kids learn from your action. Get angry but channelize correctly so kids will learn. Disagree and sometimes fight so kids know it’s natural and happens but help them learn how to resolve it.

Time: I don’t understand quality time. I believe we have time which we spend with kids and anytime spent with them helps bond. Getting technical and differentiating causes confusion and problems in the first place. If you are loving and caring as a parent any time spent with them is good. Trying to identify quality time brings guilt and stress. Then the time spent with them generally is also useless. In the time you spend listen to children. Talk to them and learn from them. Don’t compete with them! Don’t act their age. Listen and talk. All devices at home should be aside when talking. There must be time and limit of use of devices. Entertainment and media should be for limited time. When talking all devices must be aside and simple talk must take place. This helps to keep natural in the house and keeps away distractions. When talk is simple it helps bond with kids and they learn that it’s far better than the gadgets and indirect communication. Play with them. Play what you like as you like. Natural the things the better. Keep games of devices and play with them to lighten up. Remember they are kids so don’t compete but play! Read what you like A book a paper an article or write something and read. This will develop their verbal skills and help bond better. When time is spent this way it helps to keep natural and benefits kids.

Thankful: kids must be thankful for what they are. They must value what they have and achieve much better. They must aim at development. Watch old movies and stories so kids learn comfort and luxury is much more today. They value what they have and aim improvement. Kids become aware that old days were tough with little means and technology to help do things. As an educator I was oriented at how paper work was excess and required in old days whereas devices have made it easier. Let them know that classes were of 50-60 kids and studying was a task itself. There were fans and the power would go off. There were so many kids to at school each had to look after themselves and attention was little by the teacher. Practicing gratitude and being thankful will help them become better and value what they have. Let them appreciate and respect members and people in their life. The bhava of gratitude has to be developed. Kids then reach high levels and become great team members who contribute and enrich society.

Care: kids must learn to care. Firstly for themselves. It’s important as today world is practical. Kids must learn to look after themselves. When they look after themselves they will never have trouble ad problems. They will always sail smooth and happily. Teach them to care for their body, belongings and work. This way they will stay positive and connected to themselves. Teach them self-reliance. Constant approval of others, social network and need to be in cause a lot of trouble and problems: blue whale! Then teach them to care for others. They have to care for people around them. At home, school, play. Let them look after members and teach them to do so. Teach them the right way so they are not taken advantage off or harassed. My opinion is to let kids focus on self and then others. Today is pragmatic. No one is so needful and no one is so innocent! Even the ones who portray so smartly make their way and poor kids suffer. Many a time’s kids are in trouble because of others. Teach them empathy not sympathy! This will keep their emotional and physical self in check! Let them learn that life has to be lived and not martyr. Aircraft first save yourself and then save others.

Scope of life: kids are all about their school, clothes, their toys, pets, play time, belongings, etc. show them the scope of life. Things that go beyond their living. Neighborhood, market, park, city, the highways, etc. let them meet different people shopkeeper, the lady dog walker, new class mate. Kids have to connect with people they know but also learn to interact with new people. They have to learn to approach people that are in their secondary society to help them interact and learn. Children must be objective in thinking. They have to accept different beliefs and cultures. They have to accept society as it is. They have to interact with people they meet on daily basis in society.

I believe that kids must be raised the way you are. Keep things simple and natural. Evolve and accept new but keep basics grounded. As you raise a child you realise enriching your upbringing and bringing a positive approach to it is the best form to raise your kid. They will learn the best and you will connect to them. Try to follow your values and principles combining them with change and modernism. This way both kids and you will be happy and connected. Be yourself. More theories books et al will be published but are they real living. Many authors themselves haven’t lived correctly but publish and print for others to learn. Don’t read and research its technical. Just be yourself believe and live. Nature is best teacher. Go by it and your belief and you will be blessed!




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