There is a very close correlation between the health of the human body with the state of the human mind and that’s why there is an awareness now to mental health problems, though in India its not as much, it is slowly increasing.

It is a known fact that counseling and psychological therapy help tremendously in the healing process. Just like in the treatment of physical ailments, it takes resources to avail treatment of mental health issues and this could be a reason why people do not reach out to the counsellors.

We all know the stigma associated with mental health issues in our country and how people are left to their fate even by their family members who realise the person needs help but due to the societal stigma and tell themselves and the patient that the issue will get sorted out by itself and ‘to be strong’.

It is common knowledge that the government is not paying enough attention to the mental health of its citizens and hardly any budget is sanctioned for awareness and providing resources for mental health and the associated illnesses.

Some countries have gone to great lengths to provide adequate provisions for their citizens’ mental health. All countries obviously cant rise to the same level but we must try not neglect those whose well-being depend so much on the psychological help that come their way

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