There have been many songs made on distance, where the actor and actress sing songs for each other to express their love. It sometimes feels like an imaginary world where two people are staying apart but are still in a relationship.

Why it the title, Engagement with a clause?

Simply because it has 2 people who are connected with each other but stay separate so it feelslike an engagement. The clause though is the trust that has to be developed over a period of time.The word distance here plays an important role in the relationship. Let’s look at a few factors thatdefine the word DISTANCE.

It is very important to have a direction in your mind when you are in a long distance relationship. Not having clarity of thought can lead into indecisiveness and can create stressful moments on anongoing basis as both are in 2 minds. If it continues like this then finally the long distance relationship can lead into long distance minus the relationship. Direction is like a security for both the people involved.

Having interest in each other is very important. You may say all the mushy words to each other but if you not interested in exploring each other’s likes, dislikes, hobbies, interests, etc then the long distance relationship may not make much sense. Knowing about each other is very important for sustainability of the relationship. You should also try and match some common interests which can allow you to share some common thoughts with each other.

People say Relationship is complicated when two people come under one roof. Now imagine, if it’scomplicated for two people under one roof then how can it be in a long distance relationship?

Relationships are not complicated but we make them complicated by copying others. Once you understand each other, there are simpler ways of appreciating and helping each other like listeningto each other, acknowledging each other and appreciating each other when possible.

Togetherness is a feeling just like love. Being together in each other’s company is very essential to along distance relationship. There could be some reasons personal or professional which may be the reason for the long distance relationship but something’s have made this easy like

• Video Calling
• Planning a Vacation together
• Creating and Sharing Videos and Collage of each other
• Sending special gifts to each other on or without occasions

These small steps make a big difference to keep the feeling of togetherness alive in a long distance relationship.

Being available for each other is another important ingredient of a long distance relationship. This is a wonderful thing because sometimes you have to override a few important things to accommodate that someone special. Sometimes it can even be in the busiest times or the sleepy nights but the mental satisfaction of being available when in need cannot be defined in words. It takes effort but the effort is worth it in a Long Distance Relationship.

N-Never say what you did
In a long distance relationship, sometimes during an argument, we tend to bring out things wedid for each other which creates a gap in the relationship. Always remember that you do it for the feeling and not for the person as such. If you get love from anyone else also then you would do something for them. If you can just keep yourself from not saying what you have done all the time, it can lead to a wonderful long distance relationship.

Being contented in a long distance relationship is important. We are all attention seekers no doubt and we can never be contented in getting love and attention from that someone special. However everyone has a schedule to follow so it’s important to also socialize and have friends and relatives to go to when the other is busy. Keeping yourself busy during non availability period is the key to success in a long distance relationship.

E – Expression
If you can’t express love to each other then the long distance relationship is never going to work.
There are 2 ways of expression that you will generally see in people.


The new age people are very expressive by words. They can express themselves very easily as a lot can be learned from media and social media alike. When words are spoken with different tones of voice they also make a lot of difference in the long distance relationship as expression matters.


There are a few people who must have never expressed by words even through life but have learnt that showing love and care by actions matter a lot. “Actions speak louder than Words” is a motto they follow. Being Available, Appreciating, Helping each other are all action oriented ways of expressing oneself.

LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP require creativity, commitment and the right spacing for it to be the way you want it to be. What do you think? In case you have any problems come for Therappo’s online counselling session, we are always here to solve any of your problems.

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