Mental Wellbeing at the time of COVID-19

As we hear of the rising number of cases daily everywhere in social media and newspapers. It’s quite normal to feel overwhelmed at some point or the other. And yes, the fact is that the news is not so good around. As the world struggles to take charge of the situation what is particularly important is to firstly look after our mental wellbeing.
We unknowingly are absorbing a lot of news and at the same time talking about it, therefore its very important to keep the stress and burnout at bay. These strategies will help us to take care of our mental health.

1. Stick to facts: No matter how much the social media exaggerates we need to filter the news and stick only to facts. Mind tends to look at the negative news and exaggerate the issue, so we need to keep sticking to facts. We can do this by going through credible sources and not follow every post that we see on social media.
2. Take out time for yourself: This can be in the form of exercise or practising mindfulness or doing something of your liking. Its very important for us to take a break and give our mind some time to rejuvenate.
3. Take care of your physical health: We cannot separate our mental and physical health and hence at this point of time we should devote to our health. This could be eating healthy food and a good diet. This will further boost our immunity which is so important at this hour
4. Reading inspirational books: Amidst travel restrictions we do have plenty of time in hand which we can utilise by reading books. Books that can help us grow and inspirational books can be particularly helpful in boosting our mood.
5. Have a goal: Having a goal for ourselves helps our mind to think in the right direction and invest our energy. This could be a small step to change for example eating healthy food or reading 2 to 3 books a month. It needs to be a realistic one and at the same time specific.

The bottom line is there are things that we cannot control and at this time of the year if we focus on what we have control on, we can benefit.

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