Online Counselling What is it

It has many names … e-therapy, video therapy, e-counseling or cyber-counseling, are all recent developments in mental health in which a psychologist provides psychological advice and therapy over the Internet. It is normally done over video or chat or email. Online counselling is real-time, such as in phone conversations, on video or chat, or can happen in time-delayed format, through e-mail and messages.

It could be argued that that online counselling cannot replace psychotherapy or traditional therapy. Some experts feel that online counsellors cannot diagnose or treat mental illness online, which means that clinical psychology cannot and should not be practiced online. It benefits greatly to people having problems in dealing with personal or professional life.

In spite of all this, it has become fairly popular with therapists and clients very rapidly. Online therapy offers mental health practitioners an alternate way of providing counselling sessions to their clients.

Interesting Facts of Online Therapy Distance communication between counsellors and clients is not new. The father of psychoanalysis S Freud used to communicate via letters extensively with his patients. The dramatic increase in availability of numerous online mental health sites has led to a need for information for clients interested in getting online therapy.

The Scenario Today A large number of counsellors still are very skeptical about using online modality of therapy and are not convinced of its efficacy yet it enjoys support from many clients and counsellors who have used online modality of sessions and treatment. In a study, clients receiving counselling through video conferencing were “highly satisfied.”

Perhaps it is not appropriate for all, but it is effective in many cases. Clients who are depressed, have agoraphobia, have a highly contagious disease or are immunocompromised, recovering addicts , rural inhabitants etc can benefit from online counselling. In addition, clients who fear societal stigma, don’t have time to commute to the clinic, don’t want to be seen in the waiting room, can also use this service.

Convenience is one of the greatest benefit while reliable technology makes it even better. Video counselling at Therappo is much easier because it allows you to have a one on one session with an expert psychologist without having the need to download an application like skype.

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