Online psychotherapy has started showing positive results

We are all aware how the Internet has changed our world, the way we work, study, shop …basically how we live.Research says that mental health care may also shift online.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a type of counselling helps a client improve the way he thinks about problems and problem-solving, while also dealing with behavior which is detrimental.

Can anxiety, depression or emotional distress caused by physical disease be treated as well online as face-to-face?

It has been found out that online therapy solves a patient’s specific goal and is usually a short-term solution. The online counselling may be free or paid for and may be supplemented by face-to face sessions with the counsellor.

Online counselling can help with anxiety, depression and emotional distress due to illness as much, if not more, than face-to-face counselling sessions. What is important to note is that the online counselling is especially helpful for people who are shy or reticent or fear society or reluctant to speak directly to a counsellor.

The negative of online treatment is that the development of relationship between the client and the therapist is very difficult due to absence of direct human contact.

Online therapy tends to face bigger dropouts, This can be avoided by one off face to face or offline session.

A crucial point to remember is that online counselling is an absolute no-no for clients with a severe mental illness. A Skype therapy session or video based session or even a virtual reality type session, can be very effective in clients with mild to medium depression or anxiety or emotional disturbance. The real question remains -how good is the therapist? Because whether the client is sitting opposite you or on the other end of the computer, a therapist has to be well trained and highly rated. Face to face counselling can be very ineffective with a bad therapist . The same holds true online.”

Right choice of the therapist is crucial as the quality of care is more important than the medium of communication used for counselling. That is why Therappo allows you to choose an expert of your choice for a quick video chat session online to help you resolve your mental health issues.

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