Is online therapy more effective than face to face counselling? Why go online? Counselling is done sitting in a counsellor’s office on a chair across the counsellor and spilling out your guts. After first session, make another appointment, travel again to the clinic and this goes on till the therapy… Continue reading

Why do we need help?

Human beings are born social animals. They have an innate need to connect, to belong and to be accepted by all. Even as the trivial needs such as food, shelter and water are met for survival, equally important is the mental well being of a person. The human brain is… Continue reading


There is an increased use of online counselling plus mobile applications to speak to a therapist, the mental health is following the road taken by physical health platforms which has been well received. Online counselling allows clients to remain anonymous which is a big positive and something totally novel. Especially… Continue reading

Unbounded love

I want to discuss and interesting concept today called Self-love. What is self-love? Some call it being selfish or maybe self-obsessed. Often times people look down upon the idea of self-love, labeling it a moral flaw. But, I believe if there’s any love that’s true and pure it is love… Continue reading