Parents play a major role in supporting kids by using healthy and positive coping strategies. Parental psychology says parents of young children or teens have tough time dealing with their kids who are already dealing with their raging hormones. Unaware of what are the right decisions that need to be made for their life, children equipped with healthy ways to manage stress will choose those strategies rather than dangerous quick fixes.

Parents always need to be open to talking with children about stress, so there’s never any shame in admitting that they feel stressed. Parents also can have a pivotal role in helping adolescents sort out what’s a real issue and which one is not but this may take a toll on parent’s mental health which is disturbed due to stress.

The school and the college admissions process often seems a major crisis worth every ounce of reserve but it’s not. It’s the parent’s job to assist their ward with the process or find help to deal with it. The difference between a school/college acceptance at their first versus fifth choice is rarely a make or break situation and is never life-threatening. That they must realise and prepare themselves psychologically or seek immediate help of a psychologist at their clinic or online if time issues occur.

Certainly parent’s words can be reassuring but remember how closely children watch their parents. Young people believe a parent’s reassuring words .If they see the end result as reflective of whether they have succeeded as parents their kids will grasp their heightened anxiety. And this will put an inordinate amount of pressure on the outcome. The more parents reinforce that the result is more important than the process and preparation, the more likely it is their teenager will feel like a failure when the goal is in accessible. The stress caused by this fear of failure is precisely what may limit success hence the counseling of such parents by an expert psychologist is needed. For them to be successful at perfect parenting technique to ensure their stress is reduced and they understand their kid’s issues and resolve them at the earliest.

According to expert psychologists the following are the methods for parents to reduce stress.

  • Everyone knows “Precaution is better than cure” hence when it comes to admissions stress preparation is the key. Though we all work best under pressure but that doesn’t mean we never get stressed* as with any task preparation removes the stress and allows you to avoid the panic that causes it.
  • Parents need to set aside one hour a day for their ward to work on the application. Studying for the entrance exam if any to be given, gathering recommendation letters and compiling the necessary personal information even for 15 minutes a day can help.
  • The application itself is not as stressful as choosing where to apply. Take time to do the research and when it comes time to apply your ward will know what each school/college requires to complete the application. Throwing a school/college into the mix at the last minute is a recipe for mistakes and errors hence the choices need to be locked in the previous year of admissions itself to ensure stress free admission process.
  • Organization is key when tackling the school/college application. Look at the school/college sites for a list of application components. Gather all the necessary documents before starting and keep them in one place (either on the computer or in a folder) where you and your Child have access. Use calendars, to-do lists, emails or File/Folders to keep all the documents organized. Ask for help – don’t flounder around when help is available.
  • Before Admission year do your research. If you find there are some questions that you need answered get help from the school/college other parents or counsellor or at PTA meetings.


Parenting is simply based on understanding your child and their behavior and guiding them accordingly to become their better selves. For better insights talk to our child psychologists online at Therappo. A child psychologist is always better equipped to guide you whenever you or your child are facing any behavioral or psychological difficulties.

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