You may have heard parents narrating different stories about their children – those who are perfect angels and others who are noisy and naughty. Stories such as these naturally have a strong relation to parenting. After all, our kids do most of their growing up at home.

All children create more or less the same amount of issues irrespective of the homes they belong to. But the parent’s stories can differ drastically simply because different parents deal with it differently – some handle everything calmly and some find it a struggle to handle their kid’s upbringing.

Parenting is a difficult and a time-consuming job. Children require help to develop certain skills such as life, social and behavioral skills. This gradually improves a child’s personality. Sometimes this home training can become difficult and at times, parents even face issues with behavioral situations while dealing with their children. At times like these, it may be prudent to seek help from a child psychologist or counsellor to serve as a constant guide to the child’s growing up stage.

A child’s social, cognitive, physical and emotional development is greatly influenced by their family dynamics. Today there are rising incidents of behavioral issues amongst children. This may be due to parents struggling to manage increased level of stress in their own professional and daily lives and other similar distractions. However, with a better understanding of upbringing, all parents could hope to do a better job at this very important domestic responsibility.

Let us have a look at some common behavioral problems in children:

This is a normal part of any child’s growth and it varies from whining, crying, screaming, hitting, kicking, biting, holding of breath etc. This behavior is most common in children of 1 to 3 years of age. These are some ways in which children show their frustration, worry or irritation. Tantrums often occur when children are tired, hungry and uncomfortable or just can’t get what they want.

Children resort to hitting, biting, kicking, pulling hair or shoving others. Poor supervision, harsh discipline, parental disharmony, lack of involvement in children’s activity often lead to aggressiveness in children. Children need to be made to understand (and accept) that such behavior is unacceptable. Also, they should be made to know the consequences of such behavior.

Children lie for several reasons such as to cover-up something for fear of not getting into trouble, competitiveness, to get attention or to get something that they want. Finding out why children lie in school or other places is a difficult task. Lying can also become a habit, so parents need to take an appropriate action to counter this behavior.

Alcohol or drug use
The impact and the long-term consequences of alcohol and drug use can be very dangerous. In some cases, this may also lead to your child being expelled from school. All this would have negative impact on his or her future. Parents should be very assertive while informing children that such behavior would not be tolerated.

Children resort to smoking as they find it cool, independent and they feel older. Smoking is not a healthy habit and should be dealt with immediately. Parents should interact early with their children and inform them about the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle.

In a world filled with fast food and sweets, children should be taught healthy habits.

These are some effective tips that every family can follow:

    • Be aware and alert to your child’s activity
      All of us at some point of time or other notice something is not right with our children. But most often, we ourselves are distracted or preoccupied in dealing with our own busy lives and schedules. This may be the reason that we fail to notice some negative patterns in our children’s behavior early enough. But its also important that one must not allow problems to grow. Observe your child’s behavior whether they are sad, withdrawn or more moody more than usual. Today what seems to be a small problem may grow into a bigger one that would require major time and investment.


    • Develop a good rapport with teachers
      Parents can benefit by developing positive parent-teacher communications. This affects the extent and quality of a child’s learning. Parents can get ideas from their children’s teacher on how to help and support their kids better. If there is a problem that affects your child’s academic and social success, your teacher should be taken into confidence. All these factors can lead to greater motivation, improved behavior and positive attitude in children.


    • Developing social skills
      A child needs to develop both academically as well as socially. Without proper social skills, a child may feel isolated and disinterested in others in the future. When a child has good social skills they grow into happy and well-adjusted adults. Social acumen also impacts the child’s focus and productivity in a positive manner.


    • Confidence
      Developing confidence is very important in order to achieve personal goals in a grown-up world. By building confidence in your children you build mastery, behavior, and challenges encountered in the outer world. If children learn and understand how to believe in themselves and their abilities, they would be able to take more risks and accomplish more goals.


Communicating with your children

Kids learn by imitating their parents. Kids observe their parents and see how they deal with emotions such as happiness, sadness, anger, difficult situations or feelings or how they solve a particular problem.

It is a good idea to ask your child what they require from you, it may be an advice, a help to solve a problem, help with emotions or simply listening ear.

Parents can also easily work on daily interactions with children such as sharing a smile, joke, good words or meals together. The most important thing that matters is putting in time and effort for your children that can let them know that they matter to you.

Challenges of Parenting

Fast changing lifestyle, growing demands and day to day requirements put forward several challenges to parents. In today’s society, both parents need to work in order to secure better financial stability for their families. Due to such reasons, parenting can become quite a difficult task.

In order to raise an infant or a toddler, it would take a significant amount of time and this coupled with other responsibilities at home such as maintaining relations with spouse, relatives, and friends can be quite challenging.

Childcare arrangement is seen as a financial burden by some parents. Day cleaning, doing laundry and performing other household chores can also be physically demanding for parents. All these factors put a strain on one’s partnership, many of them have also reported of insufficient sleep.

When a child exhibits signs of physical, behavioral or intellectual disability parenting becomes even more difficult. These situations tend to make parents feel guilty when they are unable to render the extra care especially when they have more than one child to take care of.

There are children who are victims of chronic problems such as mood disorders, depression, behavioral or intellectual problems, etc. Often parents of these children offer support and guidance till their child attains adulthood. Many times in such cases children resent parents support and help. Sometimes parents cannot reach children and are unable to convince them to seek a professional help also in cases where children resort to risky or destructive behavior. This creates a lot of distress in parents.

Online experts on Therappo can conduct sessions that can help parents to explore ways to cope up and reach out their children even in difficult circumstances. Therappo’s online counseling services can help parents in many ways. Some challenges are one time while others can be recurring. Instead of leaving a child’s emotions and feelings unaddressed, why not seek help from a professional.

Parents do feel overwhelmed when more and more stress is accumulated; instead, it is better to seek help from a professional for issues and concerns.

Therappo’s online counsellors specialize in behavioral health concerns that affect the entire family as well as specializing in child psychology. A family therapy can be done in which each of the family members can bring up concerns and become aware of problems that need to be addressed and resolved.

Parenting issues often lead to worry, depression, anger, and irritation. Counselling also helps in encouraging parents to take care of themselves and maintain a self-care routine. When parents aim to achieve wellness through counselling, symptoms of one’s conditions are reduced. This helps in relieving overall and general stress.

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