We have often heard of these two terms but do we all know how much impact they can have into our lives. Research has shown how gratitude alters the structure of the brain. Its proven that people who count their blessings are more happier and feel less depressed.

We have a lot of choices to make these days with the advent of social media coming up we are mostly into our mobile phones and thanks to all the applications that give rise to spending more and more time on it. The problem is we are always seeking happiness out whereas its inside of us.
Do we really have the time to sit back and reflect on how the day has passed. For some the answer is yes and for some it may be a no. The truth is that until we get the time to really introspect what has gone well and what has not we will not change. Peace and Gratitude can really change the way we look at things.

Just taking out ten minutes in a day is enough, to recharge and reset the negative emotions that we face. For gratitude we can practice writing the things that we are grateful for or even saying it aloud. Continuously cribbing about a situation can neither change the thing nor make it better all we we are doing is reinforcing it again and again. Whereas just by simply saying thank you to the things that we are grateful can help us in overcoming the negative emotions. The other way is to choose a place that is peaceful and can give you right environment to introspect. Capitilise that time and list down what you want to do in the next coming months. What are the things that you were waiting to do but could not accomplish.

So now we know that it just takes gratitude which is thanking what we have in our lives that can make all the difference.

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