Fun Fact: History tells us that the earliest ‘books’, or story accounts, can be traced back to nearly 2500 B.C!

What began with a simple record of myths, legends and time, remains an ever-popular activity even today. Reading is an act that everyone should participate in! Encouraging yourself to read is a wonderful way to not only gain stories and information, but to build so much more. Such a simple activity can hold so many benefits.

There is a book nearly for every reader out there. Whether you enjoy fiction- be it modernist or the classics, fantasy, history, poetry, autobiographies and biographies, folktales, science, music, art, photography, machines etc.; there is most definitely a book for you. All these genres or categories are different in their style, content and form.

A popular genre amongst readers is the self-help section. These help you work on different aspects of yourself, while also enjoying the benefits of simply reading! These books are available in libraries, book stores and even online. Many books may even be written by professionals in different fields, for instance- renowned counselors or therapists with years of experience and insight. Some of them are of a great help!

Language is not a barrier to reading either. Whether you prefer English, Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, Marathi, French, German, Russian etc., you can find yourself a book to curl up with.

There are even some people who enjoy reading books in different languages, and this comes with its own perks! Are you one of them?

Once you come out of your comfort zone and start reading books from different genres, instead of just your favorite one, there is a lot to learn about the world. You can begin to learn about people, lifestyles, cultures, thinking patterns, attitudes etc. of other people with whom we may not usually interact.

Ways Books Help You Grow!

  • Improves Concentration

In the beginning, when one starts reading, it might take a while to concentrate and focus. However, once the writing grips a person’s attention, they find themselves shutting out the outside world while they concentrate on the book. As a result, over time your attention span may improve as well, which can be beneficial in other situations too.

  • Expands Imagination and Visualization

While reading we tend to imagine the world or the story that is described in the book. Reading about a description, place or event creates some related visual images, leading to improved imaginations and visualizations. It pushes a person- both children and adults, to think creatively and even out of the box. Fueling one’s imagination at an early age can even be helpful in developing an artistic side of an individual. Vivid imagination is useful for people in professions across the board- authors, painters, artists, musicians, actors, performers, filmmakers etc.

  • Increases growth and learning

Now you already know that books have the ability to give you a lot of information. But did you know that sometimes reading a set of books is even cheaper than taking a course? By reading, much of the research work can be done in a smaller time frame.

There are also people who like to read in depth. Such individuals can attain a greater know-how about things, about people and personalities, etc. Reading is also said to be strongly connected to academic performance. You never know when something you may have read can help add value to your education.

  • Read and become smarter

It is rightly said that reading makes you smarter. As pointed out earlier, it can improve your understanding and knowledge of a large variety of subjects. So if you read regularly, there is a chance you can use this acquired knowledge and in fantastic scholarly conversations around you. A good habit of reading will help you add to the conversation, and not merely remain a silent spectator!

  • Read to Relax!

Studies in the past have revealed that reading reduces stress. It is possible that reading can slow down one’s heart rate while also easing muscle tension. Even reading for only a few minutes is enough to relieve some stress. This is a quick method to calm frazzled nerves, as it focuses one’s attention away from stressors and towards a pleasurable activity and topic.

  • Reading is the secret to your Memory

Reading is a brain stimulating activity and slows down a cognitive decline. Reading some interesting facts or stories arouses curiosity, and makes one ponder many things. This uses a number of cells in the brain and creates even more networks that help with the memory process.

  • Improve your Vocabulary 

Reading is a good way to hone your language skills. You can improve your skills while also possibly learning the native language, used in the book. It also helps improve your vocabulary!

  • Broaden Your Horizons

Reading books from different genres, introduces and influences you to several new aspects of the world. It serves as an eye opener, and encourages you to try out many areas that you may have not explored earlier. Reading through a different approach makes reading an enjoyable experience! This is a good method to experience the content in a different light.

  • Your OWN Pleasure!

Reading need not only be a work necessity, but may also be fun and cool. Apart from one’s academic or organizational performance, reading improves other areas of life. It may make you a better person while enjoying the activity of reading regularly. You can learn many things related to your hobbies, or the world around you. You can enjoy immersing yourself in mysteries, or letting your imagination run wild with fantasy. Books thus let you enter realms you could never otherwise see!


Therappo highly recommends reading books of all kinds, to not only enjoy them but also reap the benefits above! One’s reading habit can usually serve as a good stress buster in times of distress. You never know even, this can be the first step after the initial online counseling session.



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