Psychosomatic Disorder

Have you ever wondered that many a times, you feel unwell, go to a doctor and doctor is not able to diagnose your problem. The doctor will either prescribe rest or exercise and send you home saying all your tests and results seem normal. You don’t seem to be suffering from any health issues. But at the back of your mind, you are puzzled and wonderstruck as to what could be the reason for the physiological illness that all your doctors are not able to diagnose and rectify your problem.
Have you analyzed that these physiological issues could be a result of some emotional stress or some kind of trauma that your mind is going through at that point of time?
This could be a reason why physiologically to a third person your illness cannot be reported but you will be able to rectify it by erasing your emotional stress or trauma to some extent.
Mind is totally different from brain. Brain is a physiological organ that helps in so many processes physically and mentally while mind is a set of faculties that is responsible for mental phenomena. These faculties include sensation, imagination, well, memory and thought. They are responsible for different mental processes that happen unconsciously for us-for example perception, emotion, desire, intention etc.

Our mind and our body are very much connected. They listen to each other; they have a telepathy with each other and they go hand-in-hand. When our mind is calm and relaxed, we feel energetic and enthusiastic. On the other hand, when our mind is restless and is going through some emotional trauma then it manifests its self into physical discomfort. This condition develops its self into psychosomatic disorders. People with this type of disorder usually do not report over the symptoms of emotional or psychiatric stress. They believe that this is a medical condition.

If medical professionals are not able to diagnose the issue and find a solution to the problem, that is the time when Psychologist can pitch in and help the patient come out of the physical and mental torture that they are facing.

It is very important for every human being on this earth to stay happy, to live happy even though they have to endure some amount of stress( it’s a part and parcel of life) but make sure that it doesn’t come as an obstacle in the path of leading a normal life.

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