While romantic relationships are an important aspect of our lives, it is equally important to maintain one’s own identity.  Catering only to a relationship can lead to one forgetting to cultivate a life beyond it. It is essential to be able to maintain interests and bonds outside of one’s relationship with a significant other.

A relationship is different once you are at home and its different once you are outside amongst your friends. With a relationship at home you are able to have plans, cook meals, go for strolls, travel together with your partner.

Sometimes it becomes difficult for the other partner to carry on some other tasks when you both are constantly together.

It is also a good thing to be in your partners company however spending time away from each other will make you realize their worth.  Partner would have more stuff to talk about if they are enjoying a life outside a relationship with others.

Maintaining other connections or friendships, will improve different areas of life enabling interaction at different levels.

Don’t let your relationship define you

Outside your marriage you may play a different role in society. One may be a politician, a businesswoman, a mentor, CEO, an artist or even just a friend. Let these identities work in tandem to complete you, instead of being defined by just your relationship. Do not lose your individuality, or unique personality as a result of being in a relationship.

Being under the constant influence of someone makes you less connected to yourself.

Space is important

Giving someone their space does not mean you should ignore your partner. View the spaces in the relationships as a small breather in which you have the time to pursue other activities and experiences. Providing one another the opportunity to miss and be missed can help improve intimacy as well. It may prevent an individual from feeling suffocated or overwhelmed by the relationship. Learning to have the right amount of space is essential as well.

However, it is important to understand what suits your relationship the best. Too much space could mean reduced intimacy, allowing the relationship to fall apart. Giving each other space does not means that one has to leave the other partner for weeks or months to pursue different interests. Space is essential so that the partners give each other time to reflect and take necessary steps daily towards their paths.

One may also encounter tense and trying times in a relationship. In such times it is better to give one some space in order to clear one’s mind and avoid hurtful words. By allowing space in a relationship you are creating an opportunity for trust to flourish.  When there is enough personal space experienced in a relationship more trust is built.

However, this does not mean that you begin to exclude your partner in your activities, interests or daily life. There would be less negative feelings and worry. When the partners are with each other without or with a very little space in the relationship it may get boring and makes the relationship suffer.

In order to keeps a healthy relationship going, space is very essential.

These are some ways to maintain space while keeping a healthy relationship:

  • Spend some time on your own, even if it’s for a few hours during the weekends.
  • Take some classes to pursue your own interests.
  • Allow each other to spend separate time with their friends.
  • Keep a time to read or meditate daily.


Time spent alone, while doing constructive or valuable work can pave the way towards maintaining a healthy relationship; in turn raising your personal happiness.


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