Stress, a word we have learnt to live with. Even a small child says that he has got stress.While stress happens when we are faced with a particular situation, social stress happens when we are faced with a situation where a relationship is involved. It is linked with our physiological need.

Life is become like an every day exam. IPS exam is a part of each one’s life on a daily basis. The word IPS would be associated with the full form of Indian Police Service which is a tough exam to crack but our IPS is different. Let’s look on.

I – Inputs
We are being bombarded with a lot of knowledge and inputs from everywhere. The morning starts with Mobile (especially whatsapp), TV (especially news) and Newspaper (especially politics and cinema). The quality of input in all the 3 mediums is very much diluted these days with a lot of either mixed information or man-made information.

Almost all the information which makes us feel socially connected to the outside world is usually depleting the energy of our mind and then we proceed to do our daily chores and expect 100% results from ourselves.

How to deal with it?

• Start your day with Meditation/Yoga after waking up which is the, me time. Energise your mind with positivity.

• Listen to some good motivational talks/speech either though Audio/Video

• Read a few pages of a good motivational/spiritual book

How will it help?
As you wake up, your mind is like a blotting paper. If the first feed that’s given to the mind is positive, then your mind charges for the day. Any inputs thereafter will be only like information as the mind has already seeped in the positive input.

P – People
We are humans and our natural nature is being social. We can’t feel social unless we are connected to people. Dealing with people can be a complicated matter these days as each one has various moods and are dealing with various situations. So can we escape dealing with people?

No, so we have the learn the art of dealing with them.

How to deal with them?

• Talk to people with respect whether big or small
• Listen more and speak less
• Be open to advice but use your discretion
• Appreciate qualities and overlook weaknesses

How will it help?
Everyone needs love, care and to be heard. If you can be true to the original human nature and deal with people then you can have a beautiful relationship with all. Practicing mindfulness/meditation can help you keep the original nature of love, peace and care active.

S – Situations
Situations are internal as well as external. Some situations are in our control and some are not. The internal situations deal with how we feel inside and the external situations are the ever changing outside world like government policies, environment, etc. So what can we do when faced with a situation and when we feel stuck? How to deal with them?

How to deal with them?

• If you can change the situation then take action
• If you can’t change the situation then have patience
• If you can neither take action nor have patience then speak out to someone and
take advice on course of action

How will it help?
When you take action, then it will add on to your experience in dealing with the situation head on and solving the same. If you have patience then it will add to your level of being calm and being a spectator. Taking advice will help you communicating better and will add on to your social skills.

Some more tips to deal with Social Stress

• Don’t compare yourself with others as you are unique
• Don’t get influenced by others but use your intellect
• Compete with yourself and work on making a better version of yourself.
• Always be open to learning and the best learning comes while dealing with tough situations.
• Think positive for yourself and others.
• Make yourself available when required but otherwise keep working on improving your own energies.
• You are responsible for your life so take time when making important decisions.

Do you think this is the right way to deal with social stress? If you are having any problems coping up with social stress issues come to Therappo’s online counselling.

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