There is an increased use of online counselling plus mobile applications to speak to a therapist, the mental health is following the road taken by physical health platforms which has been well received.
Online counselling allows clients to remain anonymous which is a big positive and something totally novel. Especially in India, this works as many who are shy of seeking help may get an encouragement to seek help and address their mental health problems.

There is a humungous gap between those in need of mental health treatment and our capacity to meet this need. Will we, Indians accept and embrace this easily accessible and anonymous form of therapy?

One benefit of online treatment is that today, even children, 8 to 16 years of age spend anywhere for 3 to 8 hours online and adults perhaps more.
Online therapy for mental health can be beneficial for reaching a larger number of people .Studies have shown that, in fact in some cases, online counselling can be more effective than offline therapy. The reason could be because of the convenience and accessibility of the online platform.

It is interesting in the sense that it reduces distress by being able to access immediate help for handling the problem.
Like traditional therapy, online modality has its issues. Body language and micro expressions convey essential information about the client’s thoughts and emotions. In online therapy, the counsellor might miss this.

One more issue in online therapy is confidentiality. Being in a clinic with a counsellor is a totally different experience than discussing your problem on a computer screen to a relatively anonymous therapist. The rationale behind online therapy is that the anonymity will make the clients feel secure and safe behind a screen. Hacking and failed security is a cause of concern amongst the clients.

How the future of online therapy shapes up is what everyone is watching and what makes it exciting is how this approach growing and developing rapidly.

While the future of online counselling is unknown, it has been found to change the way therapists and patients use technology. Hopefully, as more online therapy platforms are launched, there will be increase in the number of people who will seek online and in-person treatment for their mental health issues. By focusing on easy accessibility, these platforms could improve our country’s openness to discussing and accepting mental health issues thereby building a mentally fit nation.

Tech world has been a boon to the mental healthcare industry in various ways. Using this technology for good Therappo has come up with an option of video chat session to get various experts from the mental healthcare industry in touch with people having mental health issues.

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