Huge numbers of young people are getting married today than ever before. Being married makes people happier and more satisfied with their lives than those who remain single particularly during the most stressful periods like midlife crises says an expert psychologist

    • How do you know if you should get hitched in the first place?

      We asked a marriage counselor, “Chemistry” she answered. Chemistry is not everything she said but if the chemistry is not there that’s a tough thing to overcome and if the chemistry is more there for one person than the other that makes it even more difficult. It’s hard to build passion it should exist right through the beginning if I could find a way to build passion where passion was low I’d be richer but then if anything mentioned above is missing u need counseling through a marriage counselor and it’s not just sexual chemistry, social chemistry also plays a crucial role the way you feel when you’re with the other person.In her experience when people have an affair it’s more than physical attraction towards each other it’s also about the way they feel when they’re around the other person. That “how you feel” sense can be investigated further through a visit to a therapist or a counselor near you or seek help online.

      Marriage depends on three factors;
      Parenting: what you’ve been taught by your parents
      Child: what you have felt as a child
      Adult: what you have learned as an adult

      When two people are really compatible they connect along each tier according to expert psychologists. Ask yourself the following question before getting hitched.

    • Do you and your partner to be have similar values and beliefs about the world?


    • Do you have fun together? Can you be spontaneous? Do you think your partner’s hot? Do you like to travel together?


    • Does each person think the other is bright? Are you good at solving problems together?


    • For two people to be compatible they must have some characteristics the other is fond of or both need to be ready to take charge of responsibilities when needed.


    • A couple has to go through the “differentiation” process. People have to come to terms with the reality that “we really are different people”. We have different ideas, different feelings, different interests etc.


    • There is self-differentiation which means “who I am and what I want” This is a sign of a different individual having an individual stand in the society who knows what he/she want, think, feel, desire etc from the other. When this is successful the members of the couple have the capacity to be separate from each other and be involved at the same time but for a couple to survive that differentiation process and maintain their compatibility the real secret is effort.

According to most experts what predicts true compatibility is much more of a felt sense than something you reason out. Marriage is based on understanding each other accepting each other’s strengths & flaws and moving forward. If you face any difficulties working things out between you and your partner, an online video session at Therappo with a marriage counselor will work for you. Our counselors’ appointments can be booked online and live sessions can be attended either as an individual or as a couple.


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