Thinking, the right way …

‘‘As you sow so shall you reap’’, ’I heard this saying when I was a kid. Now it still is applicable to us in so many ways. Our mind is also like a storehouse of memories, childhood experiences and so much that we experience in our daily lives. Knowingly and sometimes unknowingly we keep feeding so much into it which gets stored in our minds. So, what happens to all the content that goes into our mind? Yes, it becomes our thoughts which further if acted upon become our actions. So, are you feeding the right knowledge to your minds?
Human mind gets about 12, 000 to 60,000 thoughts per day, National Science Foundation, 2017 of which 80 percent are negative and 95 percent are repetitive. That’s a lot right! The negative automatic thoughts are unavoidable and is due to our survival instinct which most of the people sadly overlook and that’s when they get sucked into them. If they ruminate a lot, then chances of depression is high and if they overthink a lot esp. about future then chances of anxiety are high.
What we feed to our mind if acted on becomes our actions. The good news is that we have choices to make. Some of the simple ways are:
1. Choosing the right thoughts to act on: Not all thoughts are negative, so we need to weigh them correctly and choose them judiciously before acting on them
2. Putting the right things in our mind: these can be good sayings, good content or may be listening to good music
3. Alternative thinking: Changing the negative thoughts to positive ones. These can be done by tracking beliefs and patterns in thinking. Are you getting stuck in the same pattern of thinking for a long time? Then may be its time to go back to your beliefs and check why are you getting stuck and thinking the same way again and again. This may need the help of a trained mental health practitioner where together you will track and identify the stuck pattern of thinking.
4. Creative problem solving: Think of more than one way to solve a problem: Sometimes when we get stuck with a problem and don’t know where we are heading its important to reflect and ask yourself; Are there other ways to solve the problem?
In the end right thinking is a by-product of what we feed into our minds and we have a choice to act right. After all we all are chasing for Happiness and that’s within us. So, making this effort will be worth it.

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