Marriage is a wonderful experience. Everyone wants to have a good spouse and lead a happy married life. However, in order to lead a happy marriage, a couple needs to make efforts “jointly” in order to make their relationship work. No spouse is ideal, but a good start would be to always be able to appreciate and care for each other. Here are some things that may help us to understand and improve our own marriage or relationships.

Here are some tips to guide towards a right path in your marriage:

1. Spending quality time together
Does your spouse make you feel special? Observe certain things such as the spouse enjoys being near you, jokes, makes you laugh, holds your hand, fidgets with your hair. Ideally, you and your partner should enjoy watching a romantic movie together, eat meals outside because you like and enjoy each other’s company and this shows that your marriage is working. A good marriage is a marriage where the couples adapt mutually to good habits and preferences of each other.

2. Teach each other some good skills
Learn and understand things that your spouse likes or wants you to learn. If he wants you to learn something and is keeping patience to teach you something it is a good sign and spouses must encourage each other to teach and learn new skills according to their respective preferences and priorities. Quality relationships amongst the couple work when they adopt healthy practices. Learning ways to make a boyfriend, wife or husband happy will help one to lead a good married life.

3. Laugh and joke more
If your spouse is having a great sense of humor, nothing like it. Many times your spouse knows when and how to make you feel good or happy, so do this often. If your spouse is excited and happy being with you he or she will laugh and smile more often when you are around. There may be times when jokes may not be that funny but your partner just cracks up to make you smile.

4. Care
Caring for your spouse can have a positive impact on your relationship. It can make your bond stronger. There is a feeling of comfort that comes along with a sense of sharing and caring. Every relationship can improve by better ways to treat your spouse. Some ways to show your spouse you care are complimenting your partner, making an apology as soon as you realize making a mistake, giving your partner little gifts, speaking in a warm and a soft tone. Showing your partner that you care can be more effective than just saying it.

5. Good Communication
Communication between the spouses is important to nurture a good marriage. Spouses should respect each other. When there is a good amount of respect in a relationship, there is a greater level of acceptance towards each other’s perception and views. The joy of love is realized through good and effective communication. Understand signs such as husband talking to you about his interests, his favorite sport or television serial and if he can speak to you about anything this is a great sign of a good relation.

6. Support
There are many struggles in life. Where there struggles and challenges in life, spouses should be able to find a good support from each other. When life challenges you, there are opportunities couple find in those respective struggles to strive together. This helps them to grow together, work together and not give up for any reason. At times of struggles in marriage one must not only try to fix problems together but also try to build a strong foundation of commitment and support. Sometimes emotions and feelings are fatigued, just be patient and listen to your spouse.

7 Have faith in each other. Admit mistakes
As no spouse is ideal, the best of spouses can make mistakes. If a spouse admits his or her mistake and wants to repair it, it is a virtue. This lays down the foundations of forgiveness, freedom, peace, and success in a relation. It is a good practice if your spouse is admitting his or her mistakes and is ready to mend it. Trust and faith is the most vital aspect of your relationship. By having more faith in your marriage over doubt you are making an investment towards building and improving your marriage.

It is often observed that when a couple’s issues start interfering in daily life, it is then they seek to counseling. Many a time’s couples don’t even know what to expect from a counselor.Counselling should be sought to improve areas in relationships such as communication, intimacy and while also accessing other terrains of marriage.

Therappo’s online counseling India can help to restore and better one’s marriage. Therappo’s online counseling is so well done that there is no need for a pre-determined goal in order to save a marriage. Therappo’s counseling supports each partner’s goals by rightly communicating and clearly stating each one’s needs, thoughts, emotions that can significantly contribute to building a healthy relationship.

Relationships require efforts. They are also viable to face big and small challenges. Some sources of stress can also threaten one’s relationships. Most relationship problems can be managed if both partners are jointly willing to address the issue and are eager to find a solution to the underlying problem.

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