Understand your child exam anxiety !!!!!

As exams are approaching students complains of unusual behavior ,problems in revising, get blank in exam and forget stuff.

This is known as Exam anxiety.

The anxiety associated with preparing for and / or taking of an exam or test. Exam anxiety has both the physical and psychological effects . The mind and body are connected and so when it comes to stress and anxiety we need to examine both of these effects .

Cognitive and Behavioural effects :
* Unhelpful self talks.
* Repetitive worrying .
* Experience of hopelessness.
* Limited focus of attention and difficulty in concentrating.
* Memory blocks.

Some of the Cognitive effects include – Negative self talk.
Example : * I am going to fail.
* I can’t do this.
* I am going to blank out.
Feeling of hopelessness and /or falling even before the exams,poor attention and inability to concentrate and memory blocks or blanking out on things you had studies.

Some of the Physical effects include
* Nausea
* Rapid heart rate
* Shortness of breath
* Feeling tense
* Trouble Sleeping
* Fatigue
* Loss of appetite
* Tension headaches

So this is all about Exam anxiety .Our next post will be on
“Exam with Zero stress”..

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