Pain is a part of us, as everyone goes through painful experiences at some point in their lives. It is how we cope with our pain and negative experiences that actually matters. When one carries painful memories, mistrust, or any hurt from their past, it is called emotional baggage.

All of us may have our share of such emotional baggage. The changes it brings about, could have a considerable impact on one’s personality, decisions, choices and actions.

The two main types of emotional baggage are hidden and excess. Hidden baggage is the kind that we are not even aware of. Excess baggage describes a state where we are aware of experiences that are holding us back, but choose to overlook the same.

Such baggage may have a direct connect with our emotions, which in turn have an impact on everything we do. Thus, one should take the time to check whether one’s experienced emotions are healthy. Once you acknowledge your baggage it is important that you unload it. Do not bury your emotions as they will merely be repressed, instead of being resolved.

Unresolved issues due to neglected relationships, career failures, or huge financial loss can cause emotional baggage in the future. They may lead to over indulgent behavior in order to mask the underlying issues. If an experience is causing you anger, fear or sadness, take a pause and assess these emotions.  Continuous emotional baggage can become a burden. Anything in excess is bad and it may burden one’s system.

Are heavy emotions weighing you down completely?

In such cases you may feel confused or lonely. Learn and understand your emotions well; notice them, when you experience an upheaval. Doing so will improve your ability to feel more at peace within yourself. You can then think more logically and methodically about your issues.

There are instances where one feels worthless, or has low self-esteem. In such cases, it is important to begin to, let go of the comparisons one makes with others. There may also be feelings of inadequacy and isolation; however these are very possibly self-created illusions. Work towards consciously recognizing their signs, and let them go in order to allow yourself to feel better.

Each individual has some purpose in life and we should not let it be confined to our destination. Every moment can hold meaning, and therein lies an ability to grow, play, learn and evolve as a better you. It is quite possible that we will all experience a bad phase at some point in our lives. However, holding on to such phases even after they have passed, is when we might feel stagnant – unable to let go. Once we are rid of the limiting negative thoughts, feelings, judgments and experiences, we can experience fulfillment in our natural state.

There are times when the paths we take may not be straight forward, or may turn out to be dead ends. However, it is important to not get lost in regret over them. In being unable to do so, an individual’s experiences that manifest as emotional baggage- may lead to them holding back or avoiding certain situations. Without growth, one may view future situations through the lenses of their past. One must cultivate a system of learning and growing from the mistakes made.

Personal development, growth and transformation is essential, but not easy. Feeling low as a result of existing baggage, can further elicit emotional stress and aggravate one’s problems. By taking care of unresolved issues, such outcomes may be avoided or overcome. Doing so might prove beneficial to all areas of an individual’s life.

To begin the process of moving forward,  one must begin to accept and trust one’s own thoughts and feelings. Think and assess each decision, in order to understand whether it is fueled by emotional baggage or healthier motives. Acknowledgment is crucial to unloading these issues and beginning the journey onward.

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