Which will help a person to sail through the future successfully? -EQ or IQ?

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IQ (Intelligent Quotient) and EQ (Emotional Quotient) are two important parameters in a person’s life.  It is generally believed that people with high IQ can accomplish their tasks well and are known to be successful. In that case, how important is EQ?

IQ of a person represents, visual and spatial processing, knowledge of the world, fluid reasoning, working memory, short-term memory, quantitative reasoning, and practical use of knowledge learnt. But having just these qualities might not help you move the ladder in terms of success and accomplishment. For moving from one step to another, you might not only require brainy skills, meaning ‘Book Smart’, you also require to be ‘street smart’, that is having high Emotional intelligence.

EQ is based on abilities such as, identifying emotions, evaluating how others feel, controlling one’s own emotions, perceiving how others feel, using emotions to facilitate social communication and relating to others. It is because of the presentation of himself, he can do in front of many people that, he is able to step ladders and rise to a position he has always dreamt of. Researchers have found that individuals who are having strong leadership potential are more emotionally intelligent, suggesting that a good EQ is an important quality for business leaders and managers.

EQ generally gains precedence over IQ, because it is the domain that determines the outlook of a person. Sometimes, we may come across ‘gifted children’, with High IQ but lack in emotional skills which pave way for their advancement. But we also come across people who have normal range of IQ but can succeed in their life because of their interpersonal and emotional skills.

When the focus is on leadership, IQ and EQ both play a very vital role. The quality of persuasiveness, good memory skills and learning from one’s limitations, prove the extent of how a leader can be. Similarly, the nonverbal understanding of communication, and understanding emotional state of others, make the person, have a cordial relation with his employers/ or employees.

If a person is not particularly focusing on EQ, the question is can it be learnt or improved over time? Strategies for improving emotional intelligence are character education, modelling positive behaviors, encouraging people to think about how others are feeling, and finding ways to be more empathetic toward others. Everyone in this world has some basic Emotional Intelligence, the requirement is to only identify its spectrum and increase it or reduce it according to need.

Success of a person in life is a result of many factors. Both IQ and EQ play vital roles in overall success. But health, wellness, and happiness also play a major role in stepping towards your destination. Instead of focusing on specific areas, it is important that the person focusses on multiple areas, to bring a wholesome development- cognitive, Emotional, physical and social skills.

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