Is online therapy more effective than face to face counselling? Why go online?

Counselling is done sitting in a counsellor’s office on a chair across the counsellor and spilling out your guts. After first session, make another appointment, travel again to the clinic and this goes on till the therapy ends.

Online counselling is becoming increasingly popular for varied reasons and is found to be just as beneficial as face to face therapy by a study. Many sites offer therapy by creating a network of counsellors who do counselling by messaging, emails or on video. On Therappo, we concentrate on video counselling.

In the study that was conducted by external researchers divided a group of clients suffering from moderate depression. They received 8 sessions each. They found out the following – in both the groups, the depression reduced significantly and almost equally.

Actually in the online patients, the recovery rate was higher in online clients. This was because the clients who took online therapy were able to read the correspondence or notes again and again thereby putting in action what was told to them by the counsellor as opposed to face to face advice given, which they quickly forgot.

All in all medium term effectiveness was also better according to them. It was concluded that besides the obvious benefits like no travelling, no hanging around in the waiting room and doing the therapy in your own space and comfort, it is also very effective.

In today’s world while everything is being made available at our fingertips, we at Therappo have done our bit to make mental health services available to everyone online. Not only it will save your time but also will reduce the effort you have to put to get out and visit a psychologist at their clinic – online counseling on video from wherever you are.

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