Respect is a 7 letter word but it takes years to build it for someone. Respect is less about saying
and more about doing. There are several definitions of “respect” but it essentially means is to pay attention to the beliefs of other’s. In other words, respect is to treat others the way we want to be treated.

Let’s look at the 7 aspects of respect in details.


When someone listens to you, they are actually giving you their time; something which they can’t get
back but they respect you and the relationship which makes them give you time to listen. Sometimes
all we want is a listening ear where we can vent out how we feel. Even if we don’t get any advice back,
it just makes us feel light and better as times of difficulty. This time they give us makes us automatically respect them.

Understanding Unspoken Words

Not everyone has the power to understand unspoken words. It has to be either a mother, a face reader
or someone who understands you at a deep level. If someone can understand you looking at your face,
expressions or the voice of your tone then you have to thank god for giving you someone like that. I
guess that calls for respect to GOD and also to the person who can understand you like that.

Helping in Need

They say a friend in need is a friend indeed but it may not necessarily be a friend. Sometimes you can
get help from anywhere when least expected. However, you have to ask for help sometimes. It’s like
if you are thirsty then you have to ask for water. The water won’t come to you. In times of need when
someone helps you, then the respect flows automatically for that person.

Making Adjustments

Making adjustments for you is another thing that makes you respect someone. It takes efforts to make
adjustments as someone has to disturb or rework their schedule to accommodate you. This quality
cannot be found in all as many people feel that it’s me before you. Some people feel that it is lack of
self-respect to always keep making adjustments. However if there is true love and respect then making
adjustments is not difficult. This quality of making adjustment for us makes us respect them all the more.

Motivating Us

Motivating someone is another thing not everyone can do. We have been quietly motivated by
quite a few people to do things that we are known for today and we should respect them for that. Just when we feel like giving up on something, they are around giving us encouragement and respect by saying things that motivate us. These are the small things that make us sit right up and get to the task of again. We need to respect such people.

Loving us unconditionally

Buddha once told that “Expectations are the cause of all sorrows”. Loving people unconditionally can
currently be done by only three people as we know i.e. GOD, Mother and Father. Anyone else doing this seems impossible. Loving unconditionally requires the person to overlook the weakness and appreciate the strengths. Those who show unconditional love and care to us at any time are all worthy of our humble respect in reciprocation too.

Contributing towards our growth

When a youth starts to enter the college or work life, having a mentor makes a world of a difference.
Mentors can be in form of Parents, Teachers, Coaches, Friends, Bosses and anyone else who can guide
us in the right direction. The mentor may sometimes assign us tasks which may be difficult for us and
make us scared but the mentor has faith in our potential. Once we master the task, we start to grow
and create a life we want. These mentors may not ask for anything but they do deserve a lot of respect
and I certainly respect them for where I stand today.

Some others to respect:

Then there are those multitudes who surround us all the time and work quietly and thanklessly to make living our lives possible and comfortable. These multitudes also deserve our silent respect as much if not more.

  • The Garbage Man – Respect for collecting the garbage and keeping the society clean
  • The Watchman – Respect for guarding our society
  • Maids/Servants – Respect for helping us finishing extra work

Therappo is an online counseling website that emphasis to have good relationships through respecting ourselves and others. When we respect others they automatically respect us. This lays a good foundation towards a healthy relationship. Once a relationship is established giving as well as receiving respect will be an ongoing process.


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