You May Not Know You are Depressed

There is more to depression sadness. There are a few lesser publicised symptoms to watch out for in people who may be depressed without knowing it.

1. Weight Gain

While this is not directly related, but people with depression tend to put on weight due to their unconscious tendency to eat more comfort food. People do this unknowingly because comfort food is sometimes known to raise serotonin levels and imrove moods – and this then ends up making people eat beyond their body’s metabolism capacity.

2. Physical pain in the body.

Studies reveal that bulk of people with depression suffer recurring pain. Interestingly, the neurotransmitters that govern depressive behaviour also govern pain.It has been established that lower back pain and neck pain is four times as likely in people with depression. Frequent, headaches and stomachaches are also seen to be associated with depression.

3. Drinking More than unsual

31% people with depression show clear signs of an alcohol problem. More than 1 or 2 drinks per day may aggravate other emotions such as aggression, anxiety, anger etc.

4. Feeling Irritation Easily

More than half of people with depression tend to report feeling arguementative, hostile and angry according a published study.

5. Lack of General Motivation

People with depression report a general decrease interest in most things. The lack of excitement or desire for common day to day tasks also end up making the person appear cold and unsocial.

6. Too Much Social Networks

Althoughdepression and internet addiction are separate issues, they also have some overlap. In some cases people with depression tend to replace real companionships with virtual social interactions – so a compulsive online social tendency is another sign to watch out for.

7. Too Much Daydreaming

Surprisingly, a lot of people with depression show signs of increased daydreaming – probably as another escape mechanism.

8. General Indecisiveness

People with depression show tremendous increase in the inability to take very common day to day decisions. These could be very simple and normally basic tasks-decisions such as what to eat, clothes to wear.

9. Lack of Interest in Looking Good

People with depression often exhibit a decrease of interest in self-grooming, or how their physical appearance is. A 2014 study showed that 61% of people with poor oral health were going through depression.

While these are just some lesser knows signs, one should not consider these symptoms alone. It is always most important to accurately identify the problem by taking to a trained psychologist or a counsellor – and then following the treatment that is necessary to faster and permanent recovery.

Depression has come out to be seen as a major mental health concern nowadays due to awareness being brought about it. It can be cured at all stages but better as early as possible. Therappo helps in bringing the right expert in touch with you to help you get over depression with its video counselling session.

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