What is Therappo?

Therappo is an Online Therapy site which brings together experienced psychologists & counsellors to clients who need help.


Our secure video-chat platform gives you the ability to speak with your therapist in total privacy and confidentiality while remaining in the comfort of your own space such as your home or your office.

You can look for a therapist that matches your budget, your timings and several other factors on Therappo. If you are already doing face-to-face sessions with an existing therapist, you can even request him/her to start doing your future sessions online using Therappo. This may help you with some obvious challenges such as having to physically travel to a clinic.

Therappo takes a lot of care in empanelling only licensed counsellors with good past track record in order to ensure that your communication is safe, secure and truly private. Every professional therapist is bound by professional client-confidentiality agreements and your data is never ever shared with anyone.

Lastly, Therappo is a specialised site for mental health issues only ... it is not one of the new online medical websites for general doctors. We were founded by a team that strongly believes in being able to maximise the reach of good, experienced therapists to millions of users who are often unable to seek professional help due to various obstacles like family and societal stigma.

If you are struggling with a difficult situation, feeling all alone & helpless, frustrated or dealing a with a difficult person - give us a try and our therapists promise to help you out. It takes only a few minutes to get started. Choose, book and you are set.