Benefits of Online Therapy

You dont have to ask anyone for the name & number of a therapist. Log in and select a therapist based on your needs. Signing up is free, you only pay when you book a session. You save on travelling time or dont have to hang around in the waiting rooms.


Stay Home. Its Much Easier

Do the session from your own comfort zone be it your home or office or even when you are travelling - from your hotel room!

It's Totally Private & Secure

The video technology used here is completely secure. All your data on the site is also securely encrypted so that what you discuss here stays only between you and your therapist.


Finding a Therapist is Simple

You can select a therapist you already know OR choose one that matches your budget, your timings and several other factors on Therappo.

Savings ... In Many Ways

No more phone calls or being on hold on IVR. Travelling is history. And the biggest convenience of all is to not have to accidentally run into an awkward acquaintance.


Therappo can help you at many levels as mentioned above. If you are struggling with a difficult situation right now, give it a try. It takes only a few minutes to Sign Up.

Find a psychologist & exeperience the relief...

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