Cyber Safety Policies is a website owned by Expertease Platforms Pvt Ltd, located in Mumbai

In this policy, "user" refers to persons registered on our website "". This includes patients and Counsellors, psychotherapists and medical practitioners. is a website owned by Expertease Platforms Private Limited having its registered office at Mumbai.
The website www.therappo.comis an intermediary providing a platform to connect people facing depression and other mental health related issues to Counsellors, psychotherapists and medical practitioners who would provide their services through the secure video chat platform provided by Therappo. The patients can select the Counsellor, psychotherapist and medical practitioner whose services they wish to avail and book an appointment for the video consultation of a 45 minutes slot. The users will receive confirmation with respect to the appointment and will have to make payment for the same online and the entire interaction is governed by the terms and conditions of this website, which the user expressly agrees to be bound by.
We are committed to safeguarding the privacy of our website visitors and users; this policy sets out how we will treat the user's personal information.
This Policy supplements the "Terms and Conditions" (the "Agreement"). Thus, this Policy is incorporated into and governed by all of the terms of the Agreement. In the event of any conflict between the terms of the Agreement and thisPolicy, the terms of this Policy shall have an over-riding effect.
Our website in after referred to as the "website") uses cookies. By using this website, the user consents to our use of cookies in accordance with the terms of this policy.

  1. The user will ensure that the computer, computer resource and computer network, which he uses to access or in the event of user using a mobile phone, tablet or any other device capable of connecting to the internet to access the said website, has updated anti-malware protection.
  2. Expertease Solutions Private Limited ( hereinafter referred to as “Therappo” as it’s the Company running the Therappo website) will in no way be responsible for any loss incurred by any user due to lack of due diligence and lack of adequate cyber protection measures from the user’s end.
  3. The user is responsible to ensure that he does not share his login password with any third party, and Therappo shall not be liable for any losses that the user suffers in such situations. The user is responsible and undertakes to ensure that he has a functional updated anti-spyware installed on his computer, computer system and computer network.
  4. The user shall ensure that in the event of accessing his account on from a cyber cafe or public computer, he shall log out in a proper manner from the website, and Therappo shall not be liable for any compromise of the user’s account caused due to malware or intrusion in the cyber cafe computer, computer systems or computer networks.
  5. The User shall ensure the privacy and confidentiality of his video chats with doctors/counsellors on, and Therappo is in no way responsible for any breach of a User’s privacy caused due to his own negligence in terms of installation of cyber security on his computer, cell phone, tablet or any other device used by him to access
  6. The User cannot save the video sessions on Therappo and should refrain from using any third party apps used to save or record the therapy sessions. Therappo shall penalize such users in accordance with its Terms of Use.
  7. Therappo does not have any agents or third party service providers who contact the Users. The Users should refrain from sharing their medical history and data with any person contacting purportedly on behalf of Therappo to ascertain the same. Therappo collects User information and medical history only once at the time of User registration and shall not contact any User for and personal data after registration.
  8. The User should refrain from replying to phishing emails seeking their medical data or personal data. In the event the user shares any sensitive personal data in response to a phishing email with any third party, they shall be solely responsible for the same; and the User indemnifies Therappo against any liability arising out of such phishing emails.
  9. The User agrees to use Therappo subject to express agreement to these Cyber Safety Rules. The usage of Therappo by a User is deemed to be an acceptance by the User of these Rules.